What are the most common causes of failure in nternet start upsLi Shanyou entrepreneurs need three

second is elegant man in the world of friends or women bestie. The boys should not be difficult to find, your investors, clients or subordinate. It could be a partner, but a startup in the country

2.’s ignorance of the industry, or its lack of understanding, often brings problems that have never been considered before.

‘s first venture: a fiasco.

guide black horse elder brother yesterday picked hunting recruitment network founder CEO Dai Kebin, I said that entrepreneurship is the most touching method of youth, he said, "nothing, do not play entrepreneurship, youth, in fact, there are many ways of entertainment.". Xiaobin said, if you would mind going to start a business, we must think of three things, first, you know, whether it can really stick to it; second, business failure, no house no car, your wife left you can bear Note: he said he had a happy family; third your idea, you have to engage in the field is really able to produce value, some demand is just, but the user does not need to pay for you, like breathing.

does not really hurt the entrepreneur, it’s the negative emotions that come under stress. In my first two years, I had probably gone through eight life and death passes, and once I was particularly impressed. In 2007 July, I took the team to Inner Mongolia grassland expansion, and came back suddenly received CTO resignation mail. The system was unstable and he was going to leave with several technicians. When the pressure to my body immediately a great reaction: breathless, like a big rock pressure in the chest; then will not laugh, do not even smile.

dark horse brother Xiaobin feel quite right, just know to see one example of entrepreneurship is not a joke, especially in turn let everyone see the same words rough, entrepreneurs need this kind of a good article.

actually, my wife is a very calm person, she is more stable than me. I can’t sleep at night. I’ll go to the living room to read books and copy "Kong Jing Jing". She will pour a glass of water for me or accompany me for a while. In fact, she helped me a lot at that time.

source: know the author: ROY


09 years ago, my friend and I made a website selling baby supplies and clothes. Team a clear division of labor, with money tight but slightly lack of technology enough, but enough startup, not lack of channels. But it was scattered at ninth months.

this pressure, many entrepreneurs will experience, and has been, we all have a consensus, there is pressure to carry. You can’t go with investors complain, there may be a miserable result; not with customer complaints, especially when more money, more is to show in front of customers not bad money; you say no to subordinates, employees run how to do? In order to avoid expanding influence, even can’t tell family.

, one of the most important of all, is the spouse. Tell the truth to the other person, and the other person will come to accept you one hundred percent times. The couple is feeling better. You have a contract, a family, a feeling, she listened to your statement, you can not like the staff will resign, as investors do not vote for you, or as customers do not give you orders. In fact, your wife is your last psychological harbor. Many people worry that this will shift the pressure on the wife, but in fact it is not. She will become stronger and embody her values and help her husband’s career.

1. plan on passing a word, probably in the implementation is very difficult. The fatal problem is not often the big direction, but the accumulation of many details.

at that time, we do not plan to do much, mainly is to sell. Invested 200 thousand or less, lost one hundred thousand. Although not many, but very heartache, and later reflect on many things that can not be forgotten for life:

example: Commodity pictures shoot well. This thing, we finally failed to achieve their satisfaction. Especially baby clothes shooting, can not use hemp beans, can not use model, flat pendulum, no feeling. In a word, TMD doesn’t shoot well. Things like this are a lot of things. Therefore, the overall quality of the project is determined by many and many details.

in fact, what really hurts entrepreneurs is not stress, but the negative emotions that come under stress. If you can’t resolve it effectively, this negative emotion can hurt your body more than you think. Entrepreneurship that few years, I gave birth to the "three high", "fatty liver" and so on a large number of middle-aged and elderly areas of the problem. So, it’s important for the entrepreneur to ease his emotions when he is under pressure.

we don’t know the industry rules before we do it, so the profit margins on good selling size >

after the crisis in 2007, I first resumed laughing. Because I like watching the Northeast song and dance duet, I will fly back to my hometown Changchun for the night. Fly to Beijing early in the morning on the second day and set up a staff meeting in an emotional manner. For me it is an effective way to relieve pressure. From then on, every entrepreneur is better off finding three "noble people" on the road to entrepreneurship".

example: we do baby supplies, clothing. Because the university reads in Changshu, many baby brands’ Jiangsu headquarters are all in Changshu, also has several quite big brand to manage the operation company. We talked about a few of them. The fatal problem is: in the clothing industry, each of the clothes, when in stock, must be color, size is available. For example, a paragraph, there are three size, three colors, then you purchase when you want to set their own.

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