The story of three women entrepreneurs make yourself a bossThe way to earn money novice guest

2, choose the first thing you like, and if you are a buyer, you will also buy the goods. I bought the goods after all, not many, and some shopkeepers did not join Ali mother, so can not help them promotion. So after I promote the goods, pick their favorite, a glance of the phase. Like the pig pillow, I liked it the first time I saw it. Although I didn’t buy it, I was impressed by the price, the pictures and the introduction of the goods. It’s only 19.8 dollars. If I’m not afraid of being called by my mother, I promise to buy it. Unfortunately, none of these goods have been sold out. But anyway, to write an article on the space or forum, perhaps what people will see, and with his first feeling of writing, rather than to check up the data copy, is more vivid


1, when the guest, familiar with the operation condition of the Ali mama. Do you want to be a guest, you can’t ask what ah. At least you should know how to Ali mother to find goods, how to post, how to link to your space station to do, actually this is very simple, the first time I have failed, then give up, after two or three days, and I would like to play, the whole two or three minutes will the.

recently, we visited 3 female entrepreneurs for women in Shanghai city in 2002 ten entrepreneurship program, they through their own efforts and the experience gained may provide us with some women in expanding employment opportunity and enhance the confidence of employment assistance.

survived the initial difficult

Red said, when his mood swings, nerve like thread clamped tightly together. In order to maintain contact with the media, Zhu Yanyan began to free of charge for the beginning of the customer business.

3, promotion you bought, feel good goods. This article is the first guest I was born. When I first entered Ali

The first step in

is registered at the beginning of 08, but the real Tao or November in 08 years, it should be said that I am a guest for a green hand, saw a lot of people say that Ali mother community in Amoy to earn money, so I also embarked on a guest Road, but I am also very new dishes that, up to now the Tao career was also less than three months, but this time the guest Let me benefit from the Commission, 4-500 stores to sell goods, but also to the back off the goods, and I made a present from her more than 150 oceans; there are a lot of people ask me how I can find when guest now. But some stores will let me help them promote. There are people that I want to learn much, say my predecessors! I see the "sweat" ah, to tell the truth, I actually know nothing, now is still in the ranks of the monthly income of 100 yuan, I just start to do guest time is November, December, a penny of income no, depressed and, later in the Ali mother community saw a post, I will follow this post teaching method, the results to the end of December revenue, in January 15th, more than 50 in February 15th, but the settlement, settlement of more than 100, these days also have income. But now, I have not completely see Ali mother thoroughly, that is, in accordance with the mother of Ali community predecessors tutorial post to operate. Like I also have to promote some of the goods, but also no one cares. Now I summed up some guest experience, now share for everyone to hear, I hope to give you some inspiration:

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