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"when you begin to imagine, it may bring the experience, you step back and think again, who will this help? Can make life better? There is no meaning of existence? Every day you are busy doing, one day you can do the best

, the movie, pops and hit TV drama, concerts and music festivals, national TV programs, radio, video websites, newspapers and magazines to cooperate, content production, introducing and spreading mechanism is formed gradually. Hisense, Zhou Dafu, HNA Group, Coca-Cola, jiaduobao, OLAY and other traditional brand manufacturers have to test the water in as marketing.

"this time it’s been a product of female users more than male users" laughs. It’s interesting." Shen told curiosity daily. Women users are mostly good, and in the context of investors, more female users means that the future users of this product may have a willingness to buy and consumption frequency may be many.

introduction entrepreneurs in the beginning is not too high, causing competitors, if little was low, and taking advantage of sina micro-blog may have better development.

in the mirror of the public, it’s awkward introduction – "this is an invitation for young people to participate in the new media, and actively explore the inner world of our experiment. Showing the troubles and troubles of a young man’s life."

is beating a series of new media items, and Shen is editor in chief of entrepreneur magazine. From the media after leaving home, he did a lot of things: produced "barbarians digest" former CCTV host Wang Kai, and planned the talk show "Confucius", Kay and Luo Zhenyu founded a "logic of thinking", also had a reality show "geek alone". The most successful of these is "mind of Ji Ji", but as you see later, he and Luo Zhenyu split up because of different ideas.

Li Songyu graduated from Peking University and is a Ph. D. in clinical psychology. He is currently teaching at Tsinghua psychological center. He is a big V. Know what you know

this is Jobs summed up the design of Apple products in the process of product concept, has now become the pops founder Xu Zhaojun individual and team advocate creed: the products are not only interesting, but also useful".


recently made a new project called mirror, including a series of Internet video called "come all over.". If you go online to search for this program, you will see a file like the Shanghai Oriental TV "Laoniangjiu" such a show – Shen sound may not agree with this, but from the perspective of entertainment, both very high similarity kernel: the audience is mostly gossip. However, "coming here" changed the general arbitration team of the neighborhood committee into a professional psychologist, changing the parties of a "nose" and "tears" into a rational and restrained young company. Of course, Shen’s program has some young elements – such as setting up a wall of labels, using "big Kangxi", and directing the variety show.

pops along this trajectory is. At the end of August this year, as announced over 20 million subscribers, Xu Zhaojun discloses the three strategies of media: force long audio lock the user’s "passive time"; to strengthen the construction of mass culture and entertainment content of UGC and PGC in the mobile terminal test mode; native advertising and marketing value. Therefore, as ordinary users recording time from 90 seconds to 6 minutes, and even upload audio web version of 128M audio files.

According to Xu Zhaojun

Li Songyu and guests talk show

"entrepreneurial" revelation is the depth of coverage of science and technology Tencent launched in the second half of 2013 column. The contents include the most well-known start-up companies, stories and figures for the Internet in recent years, Internet entrepreneurs about real experience, to share the experience and reflection of the.

in the voice pops social applications in Beijing 798 Art District Office, outside a door to see the Great Wall, the front is the name of the company and the introduction of POPs, the back is a "Designed by California" Apple Apple Corp of the Chinese advertising, apple propaganda its design philosophy’s intentions to clap each employee can see out of the office area:


‘s program is Li Songyu. In the current episode of 4, he is the professional psychologist. Shen sound let Li Songyu sitting in the studio, in front of the camera as a guest on a chat, a single episode is forty minutes long and close to the documentary and reality show, currently in the Tencent video has aired 4 episodes, more than 1 million 300 thousand hits.


An important aspect of

we are doing, is speculative and checking the Internet business case of China from multiple angles, business sense summarizes the most shocking truth based on naked entrepreneurship.


doing "entrepreneurs", "the logic of thinking", "genius" and so on, Shen sound seems to lose the meaning of life judgment. Can he get it back from a psychologist,

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this is the third year Xu Zhaojun venture, for >


Tencent of science and technology Lei Jianping reported in November 14th


entrepreneurship is a difficult trek, as can predict in advance the way possible trap and fork, the higher the probability of success. Therefore, compared to those packed almost perfect example of successful entrepreneurs, the same desire to get a mirror from the start and has the similar dilemma.

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