Why don’t you like the domestic league Let me tell youOn the CES we have three major experiences a

is like a TV box that turns all of the television into smart TV; such trackers are just like a door through which real objects begin to live in the virtual world.

2. chip Wars: the rise of new < >

, whether it’s HTC or Intel, will attract more developers. Although HTC Vive tracker is a lot of game player will not use; Tucao chicken ribs, while Intel’s Project Alloy has also been criticized for delay, carlton. However, a picture of VR gradually moving into MR hybrid reality is slowly unfolding.

for the first time in stationmaster net time, want to give through, why do I have to do, is because seeing these domestic league practice, as a small webmaster, we are concerned about every day a little more income, to comfort your own effort, but there are so few alliances, not really sinister say, today is the first video about this, I also used to test the two stations, a few hundred IP, one is more than 10000 IP, really did not expect so many of their tricks, show not deduct your amount of public interest and let you display advertising. Here’s my data:

but this kind of "seeing" is not seen directly by the wearer’s eyes, but rather by a smart eye of a pair of machines".

one is HTC and the other is Intel.

, for example, as long as it is fitted to cameras, shooting guns, gloves, baseball bats, etc., these actual objects immediately become part of the virtual world.

The reality of

, a new generation of Project Alloy launched by Intel, is also trying to move reality into the virtual world.

because Project Alloy head is equipped with a deep camera, it can "see" the surrounding environment, so as to overlay the real world into the virtual world.

‘s two new products at the CES show are accelerating the change:

1. to virtual roads is becoming accessible,

, for example, two people at the same time in the room, each wearing virtual reality, head to face. In the process, two demonstrator can see each other, and the furniture such as desk and chair can also be transformed into a trench and a weapon storehouse in the virtual world.

After a year’s fermentation in VR’s first year of

, VR began moving into the second stage, advancing into the real world, at CES on 2017.

this paper combs 28 new CES2017 VR/AR/MR products and 5 new technologies.

VR was originally fragmented in the real world, is becoming a new forage VR.

doesn’t have to use a thousand handles all the time to pretend to be a racket or machine gun, and feel the real thing, the real touch.

, for example, in the real world, a dog walks in and shows up. You can see it, and walk to it, touch it, touch it.

on CES, HTC introduced Vive tracker, a puck size, less than 85 grams of gadgets, but to put all kinds of real things into the virtual world.

really doubts that this alliance is not a company, so dark.  

at the same time, we will also count the three CES after reading this experience.

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