The loss of SP constant transformation easier said than doneComparison of sh419 theme promotion and

Many friends on the website hung sh419 theme promotion and shlf1314 Adsense advertising

the same point:

        1. advertising types are the same, the text matching class ads, the content of advertising in conjunction with the web site to match. Therefore, high quality content is universal for these two kinds of advertising. From this point of view, if we want to obtain higher advertising revenue, we should improve the quality of the data of the website.

        2. is divided into the proportion of basically the same, that is to say you do sh419 and shlf1314 Advertising get into proportion is the same, at present, in the same station, shlf1314 Adsense single click on the average price of $0.03, equivalent to 0.23 yuan 1:7.6 exchange sh419, a single click on the average price in 0.2 yuan.

        1. different style of advertising, shlf1314 Adsense currently offers, pictures, text, video and three kinds of advertising style, can choose, and sh419 is currently the only text of this style.

        2. code can be modified, both can modify the specific color parameters, but sh419 theme promotion also allows to modify the size, display the number of bars and so on. Thus, the use of sh419 theme promotion, the master can make a high rate of advertising unit.

        3. advertising data is different, obviously, sh419’s current advertising data is less than shlf1314, therefore, the same page, shlf1314 Adsense can be normal, commercial advertising, and sh419 is likely to promote the theme, is a public service ads. This is improving now.

        the number of delivery unit 4. of the same page, in March when I consulted the sh419 alliance, then explained the same page up to 3 to promote the theme of content unit, a unit can call 18 sh419 theme promotion data. The shlf1314 can also have 3 content units on a single page, but it cannot modify the number of calls advertised in the unit.

     ;   in the field of peer competition, sh419 allows you day

      recently, the domestic NASDAQ listed SP companies have announced their second quarter earnings, generally poor performance, losses continue. Palm informed the second quarter unaudited results, total revenue of $11 million 660 thousand, down 17.80%, down 49.86%. Gross profit of $4 million 350 thousand, a record low, gross margin as low as 37.31%, continued operating losses in the quarter, loss of up to $3 million 618 thousand. Hurray data show that total revenue of $14 million 585 thousand, a decline of 12.3%, down 20.31%, gross profit of $4 million 788 thousand, the lowest for the calendar year. Consolidated gross margin of 32.83%, unchanged from the previous quarter, operating loss of $164 thousand in the quarter.

      in continuous rectification, we found that the transformation of domestic SP giants are still in the exploration period of hard, telecom experts have even said, "when profits become history, Linktone and other SP giants did not really from the mentality and the management of change, resulting in almost all of their transition failure." When the power of the operator is becoming more and more obvious, is there any room for SP to develop? The answer should be yes. However, the new development space, how to grasp, at present, the vast number of SP has not yet identified the breakthrough point. As you can see, the root cause of SP’s dilemma lies in the traditional text messaging industry

      obviously losses are not small, and the chain is continuing to decline, visible pressure. If the original latitude communication in the domestic market for SP taking a new idea with you, so in the domestic A-share market A, latitude communications performance is also worrying, from the first day of listing 70 yuan, has now dropped to 54 yuan, latitude communications in the domestic market also suffered a decline in the "treatment", visible SP, taking the whole situation is not very good.
      Ministry of information industry and mobile operators for SP rectification sequela is really great, but to say that these are strong in the industry, the standardization of operation should be of good ah, visible to them, at the beginning of the operation there are many irregularities place. According to the latest news, the China Telecom has said it will revise its partnership with SP to reward SP, which offers healthy, positive content. Smaller China Telecom partners scale than in the mobile telephone service, 168, is vent, PHS number, know-all, these business may involve IPTV. "To link their economic interests to the level of security that provides information, SP makes more money for health, and makes SP less profitable and even insolvent," he said." China Telecom said.

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