2013 big trend of entrepreneurship guess the cascade flow is still the mainstream trendHow to use

, Path, and Pair are among the most successful private social apps of the 2012, helping people sort out friends and share content with their closest people, while other friends don’t see the content of private analysis.

in fact, any kind of method, as long as the heart to do, to achieve his acme, will produce immeasurable lethality. Of course, patience and persistence are essential in this period of SEO mentality. Take the third party blog, the author has found that sh419 give weight of gold in the blog is very high, the use of gold in the blog to do product promotion Taobao customer products or other enterprises, will get a lot of traffic and conversion rate of high quality.

through the above 3 steps, every day adhere to the third party blog on the plan published articles, and the rest is waiting for harvest. Also >

Pinterest in the past 2 years, it has won 11 million users, since 2012, because the publicity is relatively large, has received more attention, the light in January there are 500 new registered users. So Pinterest has become the fastest growing web site ever to invite new users in history.

one, blog title, sh419 keyword or other users often search for words as the title, that is, we often say, do long tail keywords. The use of third party blog promotion products, mainly using blog published articles to get traffic, and the title of the article should not use big and pan keywords, must do long tail. Just like the website "www.osgj.net," which brand "good" long tail, only this long tail can show advantage in the third party blog.

falls flow is still the mainstream trend,

many webmaster all know the use of blog, forum messages, replies, comments and other ways to promote the chain, and some will do advertising, but directly in other people’s blog or forum content area advertising is often out of T, so most of them are forum signatures, blog comments. As for where to send the chain, there is no discussion here, I believe that many places have been shared. Today we’re going to talk about how to use the third party blog to maximize the product.

, for example, can view buddy > > > on Path

social alerts app

The observation of

also, the popularity of smart phones is already quite high. Basically, all smart phones can open the location function. At the same time to solve the power and user base issues surrounding social reminder to keep the user application can play a role in the background, and as long as the number of users reached a certain level, you can always find their own interests with the same people in the vicinity, in order to reflect the value of the application.

in 2012, we are witnessing and experiencing the convenience of life brought about by the development of science and technology. We also see greater market potential brought about by market segmentation and consumer demand refinement. Any industry has the possibility of differentiation, so 2013 is destined to be a market segmentation of the year. the following guesses are based on December 21, 2012. We can survive.

two, the repetition of key words, it is important to promote the products on the front, so that others will come, see the preferred promotional products, it may increase the probability of hit, increase turnover, conversion rate.

in the blog for a long time, found that many owners use gold in the long tail keywords blogging occupies sh419 home page, and the operation is simple, rather than do a website, spend time to promote, has much higher efficiency. Here’s how to do it:

three, and then is the blog article, in the article can take pseudo original, of course, oneself can handwritten, original is the best, appropriate increase in the title of keyword density. Although we do not advocate the increase of keywords in our daily optimization, everything should be natural, Zac often mentioned, SEO is the art of nature. And in the third party blog, there is a slight exception, because the third party blog application promotion cost is almost 0, even if really reduced by sh419 K, you can apply for another, and their web site is not the same. Of course, even so, we recommend doing our best.

, this is the product of social and location-based services. The API interface of social networking sites is very rich and powerful enough to meet the developer’s social development needs. There are applications of Highlight, Glancee and other related social class started around to remind, Highlight has been welcomed by many users since the launch, has become a successful application of the year.

restricted crowd sharing private

falls stream’s promoter – Pinterest this year is extremely hot, it brought us a whole new way of reading, reading, but also brings countless imitators. At present, the most famous to imitate the number is revision of the MySpace, the horizontal version of the waterfall stream may save the MySpace is falling fast.


the application alerts you when the perimeter appears to be the same as your interest or the person you want to find.

meets the above requirements and can quickly bring the product to market. In addition, the abuse of function should be prevented.

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