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"a lot of times, I feel that sh419 has been able to insist on searching because of my religious beliefs.". It’s hard for average people to imagine how much temptation they face every day for a company with 200 million users. sh419 can do one hundred things, and finally we only choose one, and one is 8 years, and will do it again."

, "the mobile Internet boom, suggests practitioners embrace and expand.". To realize that the trend of mobile Internet is unstoppable, to actively explore the combination of existing business and mobile, cloud and the possibility that this is "hug"; but also to fully understand the mobile and cloud computing with different environment, to develop their own new strategies according to these differences, do not stick to conventions this is the "development"."

Robin Li introduction:

Robin Li believes that many entrepreneurs are thinking every day how to achieve leapfrog development. However, the development of leaps and bounds, most of the cases are not designed in advance. "What is more? Is down-to-earth to do the core business, when you see an opportunity to increase investment, investment in the growing development of the core business, then it is possible to achieve leapfrog development."

"the situation is a bit similar to what it was then," he said. "If you don’t pay attention to the exploration of business and profit models, it’s like driving a luxury car. It’s dangerous."."

"but" just hugging "is very passive and goes’ expanding’. Every entrepreneur, every entrepreneur should according to their actual business situation of mobile Internet and cloud computing in earnest: what can you do better? What can be used in different ways to do? What can

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innovation? "Some people may think, "

sh419 was founded in 2000 and has been dedicated to the search for quality and core search technology, and has enabled sh419 to overtake other competitors and become industry leaders. Recently, the sh419 Inc founder, chairman and chief executive Robin Li sh419 Union summit said that entrepreneurs first do the core business, when the development of core business, then it is possible to achieve leapfrog development.

"there are limits to what people can accomplish in their lives.". Only by concentrating can one become good enough. Therefore, some can not be, only in order to do something."


" embrace and extend " this sentence sounds more conservative, because many people often hear a statement, called" leapfrog development ", especially a lot of entrepreneurs, every day thinking about how to achieve leapfrog development. Be down-to-earth and do the core business. When you see an opportunity, you can increase your input, and your investment will continue to grow, and your core business will continue to develop, and you will be able to achieve ‘leapfrog development’."

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