Wang Sicong’s 17 Media was bought by Paktor a Singapore dating platformJingwei China Zhang Ying we

I’m trying not to discuss

openly about projects that have failed in investment

so, I’ve never publicly accused a dove entrepreneur. Because I also understand human nature, we ourselves at some time, this can happen.

in 2003, he founded Machi Entertainmen, a more traditional talent management and entertainment production company. Then, in 2015, he founded the 17 Media, and thus entered the digital field.

we set up a new investment team every year. A year and a half ago, we formed a consumer upgrade team. Earlier this year, the deal merged with O2O and B2B into a group.

in the hot industry, enterprise services are rapidly rising, and when the strength to a certain extent, BAT is nothing to it. In addition, we O2O and Internet banking should not give up.

17 Media needs money, Paktor needs to take this opportunity to expand the market, it plans to gradually occupy South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore market.

Phua said in a statement. 17, Media is a pioneer and leader in the social entertainment industry, and although it is still in its early stages, the company’s development has exploded recently."

these years, we have been put dove ten times,

It’s important for

for this transaction, Jeff Huang said: "17 Media will have a huge consumer groups, growing a mature management team and a solid foundation for development in Asia, these advantages will allow the development platform we strive for further improvement."

partners need to shoot tables and fight

Singapore dating platform Paktor was founded in 2013, has 15 million users. Paktor recently announced the acquisition of Taiwan video streaming platform 17 Media. To strengthen the partnership, Paktor will inject a lot of money into the 17 Media to enhance the attractiveness of the live platform and improve the platform content.

said the integrity of investment, we signed a letter of intent, the basic will not go back. Over the past eight or nine years, only a few times back, mainly later discovered that the truth of the entrepreneur and he said too much.

we voted for the project, everything has ten, plus the development is not good, a total of 30 several. But I try not to mention these projects because entrepreneurship is tough, and it’s inevitable. I don’t have a home before it mentioned a capital company, it was unbearable, but also really should not be in public.

in fact, in recent years, the live broadcast platforms are very popular across the Taiwan Straits, and celebrities have made a lot of money through this platform, just as YouTube’s net red ever did.

why? Most entrepreneurs, star entrepreneurs, most of them are still weak, they are relatively helpless in front of the capital, money is not easy. As investors choose a lot of party, the rhythm of their work can also be controlled, as long as they do not have too strong a desire to lose the case, go out life is good. And entrepreneurs are different.

and we are being put dove ten times, you ask me how to do, also can’t how to do?. Several of these entrepreneurs have also developed well. I don’t think these entrepreneurs are good to blame.

investment is always in dynamic thinking and entanglement, not static look, and then surrender. In the social network of acquaintances, although there are WeChat on the market, we should have someone to make new challenges and try.

Paktor had $32 million 500 thousand financing to promote the platform’s social and entertainment features, the acquisition is the first major move after the last round of financing.

every day

partners to shoot tables and fight battles. Our previous understanding of the industry accounted for 30%, and more need to fight every day in the trenches, which is very cruel. Now there are fifty, one hundred times the money into the industry, but there is no competition in the industry, it is not a big industry. Because of the Jinsha River, Sequoia, IDG, our industry to develop better.

for the Jeff Huang, the acquisition in his life story also left a strong pen. Huang, a member of the rap LA. Boyz, took hip-hop music to Taiwan in the early twentieth Century.

in addition, Paktor’s CEO Joseph Phua will also serve as the 17 Media CEO post, and 17 Media founder Jeff Huang will serve as chairman and retain its founder status.

"The acquisition is a milestone in the path of Paktor’s development,"

December 6th small table Young Entrepreneurs Conference held in Beijing, the meeting China Jingwei investor Zhang Ying delivered a speech about his investment philosophy and sentiment. Here is Zhang Ying’s speech, Ctoutiao, a little finishing:

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