The two level domain name can not be the secret of success you have it

in this picture, we can see that this is a small part of the keyword search iphone5, love Shanghai search engine results, of course not to complete small shots, because in addition to the website, the other is all love Shanghai’s own products, but it is not difficult to find some stations are to keywords optimization through the two level domain name, and the ranking is also very good, here we take a look at how to optimize the two level domain, so as to make our website more powerful, more successful.

in a lot of time that you are the same as small, just thinking about how to optimize the website of top-level domain, and for the topic of the two level domain is very cool, but in our search keyword through the search engine, you will find the site a lot of two level domain name website operation, bring a small flow for yourself, here we look at the picture of

webmaster do a new site in the two level domain must pay attention to such a problem, that is the two level of the updated content in website and we must update the contents of the master must all have differences, for example, my www.name2012贵族宝贝 is a web site in the name of the game. So, my two domain name would be the master keywords for a branch, for example, some pictures of the game, game information, games, will not be able to do the same with the master content.

(a) two level domain name with the form of keywords to optimize.

whether it is our main or two sites, all pages are actually should have corresponding content, several websites like we just mentioned in iphone5 we just open a website can be found, these sites also have their own exclusive column content and Links, so from this we it can be seen that the two sites are in fact and master our optimization method basically is to be quite different, so it must be like to update as host to update and maintain it.

(four) two the site of the station optimization to do the same.

(three) two level domain content must be separated with the main station.

is often observed in some two level domain name website owners believe will find such a situation, that is the two level domain generally add keywords you want to optimize, so as to achieve the first step two level domain optimization, also is the domain name itself is usually added to the optimization, keywords, keywords or English in Pinyin the domain name, this is a common point of the two level domain optimization.

(two) two level domain name website also need to update the contents of quality.

said outside the station optimization, many webmaster mind first thought is outside the chain, but now I love Shanghai for many previous excellent results of the chain were severely hit, but the chain for.

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