Why a small website in Sogou counterattack station

5, may I do the Sogou advertising alliance’s sake, ha ha, who knows

yesterday is a native of Shenzhen Shanghai dragon group and all nonsense, a concern my friend suddenly Q I said your site became sitelink brand stand in Sogou! I heard immediately went to see, and so it is! (you can "lose face", Sogou search Figure) although there is little joy however, the composition is not surprising, because from the beginning, in the face Sogou has a better performance.

1, website brand word propaganda. Although the overall flow of the site is not high, but through the network to the website to search face is not in the minority. In the website promotion process, I released more about the website brand word "face network publicity, in many blogs, the forum posts and messages, on the face are without the chain of publicity, let many users search.

4, Sogou on the site outside the chain of natural give high weight. A website can get user love, have a great relationship and the number of Web site users recommended. Face network scripts to get a lot of reproduced on the network, which also contains a link anchor text more, which is equivalent to the site a lot of voting

search engines are similar, as long as seriously.

search sitelink, do not know can love Shanghai, a website to have sitelink display, on behalf of the search engine to the site’s approval, said simply, the site in the search engine’s performance, it is a brand! Many owners wonder, tens of thousands of my website, but in IP, Sogou has not been sitelink display, this network is to lose you money or you Sogou cooperation? This is really unfair to the grass root, the flow of data network is really difficult to face, and a brand stand together. In fact, feel shy and everybody said, even from the website IP one thousand there is a large gap between! So, by what can disgrace network become Sogou sitelink brand? Yu Muqing think about possible and the following factors:

! !In fact,

2, because some time ago love Shanghai site is down right, many users love the site to enter the face net, if not set, did not remember the website domain name (.Net suffix memory, high cost) must pass the other search engines. So the website brand word "face network" was higher in the day of Sogou search.

I believe we all know

3, the website interface is simple and beautiful, accord with the requirement of Sogou website optimization. You can open the face look at the net, web interface, user experience is good, plus the new content, the original degree is high, these days is revised by a small margin, increase the home page and column page recommended reading, improve the site’s PV and PV per capita.

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