To carry out the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of website promotion using micro blog acc

to view details;

a real hot generally relatively high degree of attention, search the crowd is relatively more

The advantages of this way:

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two love Shanghai search shows micro-blog content with real-time display items is limited, when a hot news is too intense, you have released the contents of the time is short.

love Shanghai launched a real-time search, to strengthen the interaction with micro-blog, Shanghai launched the measures that love is nothing more than a kind of cooperation and strengthen the above three ways. The Shanghai dragon, it is a new attempt, is also developing, showing its advantages and disadvantages are also obvious. How to use micro-blog to better carry out the work of Shanghai dragon, at least now still feeling the stones.



Short text by using micro-blog

love Shanghai grab micro-blog search engine to provide content, have seen a lot about the use of micro-blog promotion, for the flow of articles about the content is to seize the real hot (love Shanghai hot, real hot real time) issued relevant content on its website, the Tencent, NetEase, Sohu micro-blog with short text comment the website address and add. So, in the search for relevant hot content, micro-blog micro-blog will display the content in the following contents:

Shijiazhuang Yicheng

two can attract more people’s attention, click on

played micro-blog knows that certification requires certain conditions, not really open, there are some difficulties. Real time content of love now Shanghai micro-blog search is only for authenticated users, I believe the future will change, after all, this is an attempt, is still in the stage of development.

here don’t want to describe how to operate, just to explain their analysis.

utilized by a high degree of concern, can obtain more convenient traffic, website promotion, this is the use of real-time content search, the search mode, will undoubtedly promote the further release of micro-blog.


above three micro-blog needs certification before can be seen in the Shanghai search on love. Of course, certification requires certain conditions.


yes, nowadays the fastest growing Internet media is undoubtedly micro-blog, the rise of the media from the beginning of the 09 years now with the suddenness of a thunderbolt, the rapid occupation of information sharing, communication and access platform, which is most popular when pushing Sina micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent. On the development of Shanghai Longfeng work, get traffic by micro-blog, has become a hot topic.

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