The whole website optimization solutions of 2 search engines analysis of problems


wants to let love Shanghai included a new website home page is very easy, as long as the home page to submit, if your site, if you want to make love in Shanghai included your article page so long to weight can be made quickly, no weight even if you submitted it is not included. Sometimes we love Shanghai in order to attract the spider to our site, we go around the hair on the front page of the site domain name, I suggest not to send home.

copyright page and home page included author

The introduction of

, start now!

what is the search engine

?The search engine


regardless of the new site, or business owners, or on the website or the optimization is not proficient in occupation, have a comprehensive understanding of. In order to avoid let everyone take a lot of little detours in the site optimization process after day, He Xiaozong specially prepared a series of Shanghai dragon articles, in order to make everyone better learning, the article will only be published in the 3 fixed sites, such as A5 nets, the owners of the house, Xiang Xin network, good nonsense not say

a new web site can be collected, how to let the channel included articles included, membership space included, these are the needs of a certain weight, and the problem of its own web site. The search engine spider [] it no matter what your website, you must first meet the love, what is it like, it is very simple rules included. At present, users can be used by customers or search engines love Shanghai, Sogou soso], [[] will be a good search [Microsoft] four common search engines. Each of them included requirements have differences, but the gap is not the natural flow. Some taboo and all search engines do not love is included, site space is not stable, too many sites use flash, "not only the title of. The use of dynamic website page, the spider can’t identify the address is too long, too slow access etc..

(Search Engine) refers to the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information in the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users, the user information retrieval system is presented to the user related. The search engine includes full-text index, index directory and meta search engine, vertical search engine, integrated search engine, search engine and portal free link list.

love Shanghai included

for the love of Shanghai is relatively stable the page is the home page, and the page on the website of the copyright [], and the single page page. The three places. Did the site included in the query of the railway station, you will find that, regardless of any search engine website is the first home page, then the copyright page, the home page. My home is not the space here the authors say but all of the page author list page. They will fully consider the stability is included, for example.

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