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Nanjing integrated wiring

attitude is one of the key factors in website optimization. Many Internet companies think website optimization is a simple link, title, content, in fact, we have ignored the very important point. In fact, more is to adhere to, regardless of all walks of life to survive will be rewarded. Of course, Shanghai dragon is no exception, you can insist that every update an original articles and do some outside chain. If you go on like this every day as in the past, I think your website is other ways to do the poor, can get good rankings. Website optimization is different from other industries, site optimization is very low threshold, the basic no threshold limit in the industry, want to do the best, attitude plays a very important role. Website optimization more.

two, the attitude of

Figure 1: Figure 2: Nanjing website optimization

first in the website optimization when we should pay attention to the website structure and content, the website structure is convenient for the user to browse and search for information, the content of the website is to attract the user’s content. Here we take one of the site optimization success (Nanjing integrated wiring) and another one of our website (Nanjing website optimization) to do the analysis, as shown below. We can see that the website optimization website than integrated wiring website architecture to complex, and involves the knowledge of more content, and content of comprehensive wiring is relatively simple structure and clear at a glance, this spider is very willing to grab it page content. You can look at the "Nanjing integrated wiring" in the ranking fell in love with the sea, which can determine the initial site structure and content of the website optimization plays a certain role.

, a website structure and content of

Hello, I am the future. Two days before the London Olympic Games finally opened, I believe we have the attention. The first day of the London Olympic Games, in the shooting China girl Yi Siling with a score of 502.9 won the women’s 10 meter air rifle gold medal, this is also the first gold medal of the Olympic games. Chinese Teams thus realized the London Olympic Games "opener". Yi Siling at the thirtieth Olympic Games in spite of the women’s 10 meter air rifle competition strong, tenacious struggle, won the title, won the first gold medal of the Olympic Games, won the honor for the motherland. This is a much make us proud and exciting, but also inspired us to the motherland a better tomorrow to go ahead. Compared with Yi Siling’s great career, engaged in the website optimization work I am so small. Although I can do nothing to her so successful, but can successfully do website optimization work is my biggest success. With the success of their years of experience in website optimization, website optimization to discuss with you: what is the most important.


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