The interpretation of love Shanghai Google Optimization Guide to create the correct site TTlE

B, the title should explicitly include the theme of

love Shanghai Google requires the title of the site should contain a clear theme, it is written on the title keywords requirements should be consistent with the content of the website, can not appear cry up wine and sell vinegar phenomenon, such as we are doing the Shanghai dragon blog, we should take the words as the core keywords to Shanghai dragon development should not appear in other related keywords, such as soft, website construction of such words written in a dragon in Shanghai as the main content of the website.

love Shanghai and Google are required to have a website title the one and only the title, the purpose of doing so is actually very simple, is to let users eyes bright, unique title to attract the attention of others, it shows that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er mimic sites that optimize good, is not a wise in fact, we imitate others, also did not play a better effect.

A, the one and only requires the title of

Zac at MADCON in Xiamen for the website title also have their own views, he wanted his website title to write so long, so there are "creative", reason is caused by people’s attention, because the search Shanghai Longfeng most webmaster can write Title very short, many owners think he is idle I just write the original, the real reason lies in the unique two character

we observe many sites found that many sites have to happen, especially a >

suggest that you write title, consult the love of Shanghai Google to some of our suggestions, familiar with these concepts to extrapolate, different industries have different construction site title. The following talk about love down Shanghai and Google to guide our Title Optimization (which is worthy of reference):

contact Shanghai dragon also has several years of time, for the optimization of said not very familiar with, but more slowly will have some experience in writing to you today about the correctness problem of the title of the website, it is a trend for the website plays a vital help, whether it is on the site optimization, or user experience, good title play an important role.

, a common love of Google in Shanghai:



title written for the website, everyone has different views, each site of title writing are different, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will be affected by others, or deliberately misleading reference others writing, this leads to the site will be affected. In my opinion, before writing the title website should be used in all aspects of the grasp of this concept, only to have a new understanding to be able to write for the user experience to title.

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