The website of Shanghai dragon well outside the chain with a strong chain of winning the old station

outside doing even steps, you can go to Shanghai in search of love blog, or portal, to find those high weight blog, every application a high weight blog, not only can give you bring direct traffic, but also can effectively provide your website’s weight, and of course it you need to insist for a long time, because just for the blog is no weight, as we do new sites, this is the day you need to take the time to blog some content, such as blog weight well, you can send some of your website related to the contents of the article, this time with you the site is connected, it is a point, even when we do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, insist to do in every day, do only a few results, remember today 100, tomorrow is not made in this way, will have a negative impact on the website of the bad, that we really need to pay attention.

blog even is not enough, we need to go to some of the free weight high BBS forum for some, we all know that many forums can bring some signature, can to a certain level, so we do not need to apply for each forum, but we can find several or a dozen weight a good forum every day, pay attention to here to remind you that, the key is the best regular hair every day, a little hair, don’t change radically, every day the best hair number almost, this is where you do, don’t be too much, not too little hair, oneself have a degree, too much search the engine will think you cheating, too.

every day?Here we talk about the specific We rely on the

do stand knows now, no matter what type of website, the competition is very fierce, because some of the site in front of the row is a few years old station, not only a strong chain, and friendship connection are also related to the quality of the site, so they have to compete across the ranking is good very difficult.

is difficult, but still have a chance, because the search engine ranking is not to die, will change, we started the new sites, search engines will not give good rankings, so how to do? We need every day to release some of the quality of the original site, pseudo original content do these, the content is not enough, because the site every day, ranking also do quality content, and friendship connection and powerful people, so we have to work on in the chain, after all, we are the new sites, those in good peer sites is not willing to do these connections and I three site, here the so-called three is no rank, no flow, no heavy.

now often heard many webmaster said what hair blog BBS what even what role, feel these are misleading in our new webmaster, if these are not work, why there are so many people doing everyday? We can’t listen to what people have what? I have to do their own force every day, only the will know that there is no do? May I ask, you say what the chain blog not ranked on the website, every day you do? Have insisted on doing

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