The major search engines on the soft reflection speed analysis and applications of Shanghai Dragon

is the so-called soft Wen through some articles about the affairs for readers in the unconscious, Qianxiaomohua to understand a product, let the reader to remember this thing on my personal understanding of the soft Wen is not to write, to use the most real transaction, the real case to tell yourself, don’t resolve for, let the reader can understand and grasp some basic knowledge and professional knowledge from you in this transaction, so the personal induction writing soft Wen write some more useful for readers. Take my writing yesterday who I wrote the article, the policy is in order to let the novice like me, pay attention to some of the work in the new optimization: new Shanghai dragon not excessive optimization, a new station in Shanghai Longfeng not too quiet, to maintain a low-key, new Shanghai dragon in the chain promoted not by mass. Because I own this article is about a new station in Shanghai Longfeng lesson is to have a certain purpose for the majority of new Shanghai dragon Er, is to be able to call it soft, it is because yesterday wrote this article, by the vast number of friends reproduced, so the search engines also follow these I came to the station from the new station looked at my station, to my station included are slightly improved, but the love of Shanghai is an exception, not included in the new page of my yesterday, the snapshot is not updated.

2, from the ranking change is: because of love of Shanghai included no change, no snapshot update, is based on the natural ranking has not changed. Because of its Google included snapshot update, and Google is hard, strong technology advantage ranking cause very timely update, all have a Google keyword ranking rose from 54 to 29 of the original, the other one is also increased from 154 to 83, and a key also increased from 175 to 110, ranking is not very from the front, however this change can be seen in Google for soft or very fast response speed, Shen also know the high quality of the chain has a very important reference significance for ranking. YAHOO snapshot update rankings have included the production of a small rise, that the YAHOO search engine for soft reflect or more timely, however, perhaps because of the strict audit checks, he does not like Google ranking up dozens, he just slightly increased ten ranking. However.

1, from the amount collected on the change: love Shanghai included no change, not updated snapshot. Google added eight pages included, YAHOO snapshot update included increased from 71 to 75, and included four new search included, rose from 43 to 66, will be included in a page increased from 19 to 23, Sogou included the number rose from 56 to 61, this figure can be seen from several the search engine only love Shanghai reflect slower, not changed by the state included several other previous stagnation and walked out of the soft for the website included let it come out is very important before not binding.

published an article, as reproduced by many friends, is this article also attracted the attention of the search engine, the search engine changed as follows:

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