The interpretation of the love Shanghai 6 28 event official explanation


look at this sentence: "because of the reason as everyone knows, we are unable to provide details of the update strategy of" what is the real reason, really do not know why Internet is all speculation, to Shanghai’s irresponsible embodied most incisive.


for the love of Shanghai said to the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem has taken some measures for the development of the Internet "the wording we also agree, but there is doubt! Compared to love Shanghai, noble baby technology is not bad? Has been very stable, is noble baby ecological! If that ecological development, or the proposal put junk products bidding removed!" explained that this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only in order to get traffic from search engines." So, why are specially designed for end users of the website is the large-scale K? Not for example

for the opening, so that we feel a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure, everything that happened, explain why the official explanation no ground for blame, released in this secluded place? Is feel shy to let everyone know? Or deliberately let everyone to the famous

6.28 event, up to now still haunt the webmaster friends, the site was K Xilihuala, recovery is still not forthcoming, although the ranking does not exist, or in the non-stop search. How miserable! However, love Shanghai in July 2nd launched a solemn official explanation, in the love of Shanghai webmaster forum. Let’s look at the one by one:


for the 6.28 event, this reaffirms its full can be understood as a cover, what specific, cover up don’t know, don’t be black or not recover? Operational errors can not be restored? Also, is K N there are many high-quality website, I would like to ask how to encourage original


look at the last paragraph, "this time began a series of projects also toss that!" after all the website will be notified by Webmaster Platform, see, this is to see A5 grow, want to make money, the Webmaster Platform, you this one. All the whole miserable. Who will come to ?


"to provide high-quality, original webmaster resources, because we have reduced or even eliminated the low quality of the site’s ranking, you will get more traffic from Shanghai love." For this sentence is not identity, because there are many high-quality N sites are K, I love Shanghai, love Shanghai why? Of course said "although our strategy has reached a very high accuracy rate, but still inevitably appear accidental injury situation, harming by complaints feedback," in fact, if you love Shanghai strategy truly achieve very high accuracy rate, it will not appear 6.28 events! Don’t talk more complaints feedback, the feedback I submitted in May 11th to now no results, as shown in figure

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