Love of Shanghai appeared 11 how to do

website has been ranked 11 in a week, no matter how other rankings is my website ranking is always the same, occasionally a news ran to 12, it is always in the 11 position, contact Shanghai Longfeng 3 months, had never encountered such a situation, when I knew that love Shanghai concern, because the beginning is love Shanghai NO1, suddenly went to 11 and I can not go, the first is the mobile phone search, search pinyin is the first, or the middle of a space is the first one, today on the Internet to find information related to find that many people also appear to I like, read a lot of webmaster and Shanghai Dragon Master share, the 2 important factors:

is collected through formal means, like some black chain, brush flow and so on, is not desirable that Shanghai will love.

The Solution:


1, the chain: may suddenly increase the chain better, love Shanghai will definitely go to the assessment, is just a very ordinary person is suddenly a lot of celebrities take it, will certainly be a reporter to interview, if found not through formal channels, or does not conform to the standard, he will put the website ranking reduced to 11, as the assessment period (1-3 months)

Of course


in the absence of the content of the website does not need to add a lot of the chain, so that search engine features the fast get good rankings, when the actual inspection is found not worthy of the name, that will also appear 11 phenomenon, just like when you were being treated very high time later found himself with no power still, it will leave you, let you slowly to develop, so the content of the website is very important, original or just to stay in the user interest, user steps, allows users to stay on your site for longer periods of time;

2, website traffic IP PV need to reach a certain proportion, when the keyword ranked first or the top three when the website is no problem, all aspects of search engine for a good standard, the system will automatically put the URL to good ranking, good rankings mean flow of many IP and there may be a lot of users on your site for a short time or not page off, after all, after all the search engine more humane, the user browsing experience is not enough, not enough depth, indicating the site ranking is still a bit empty, the search engine in this case will be on your site, whether it is artificial or system is good, it is not run


chain is very important, to steady growth, not a surge in the next chain, your site will not be able to eat, but not only for a platform to add the chain, multi platform development, even now is the website ranking in 11 place, can continue to increase the chain in the original on the basis of the previous day with 5-6, you can now add a 6-7, make the search engine more trust your site;

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