How to deal with the search engine algorithm to adjust

Secondly, the content of the website

. A good website must have good content. Good content is through the construction site, to give to the customers the most intuitive just want to see things. This process is relatively long, need Adsense observed trends, understand customer’s new requirements for finishing editing, for the website update.

(search engine) refers to the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information in the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users, the user information retrieval system is presented to the user related. At present, the domestic large and small search engine is quite much, big love Shanghai, noble baby, sousou, YAHOO, Sogou, Youdao etc.. Each search engine has its own set of ranking rules, also is the search engine algorithm we said. They have a common goal: is to provide faster and more accurate customer service. Many search engines, and changes all the time, but also to prevent some malicious competition, as a webmaster we how to cope with the N algorithm to adjust their station talent shows itself? Then I simply talk about oneself to do some of the tips, there may be some not comprehensive place hope master exchange advice. QQ:307628090 personally feel that the search engine algorithm there are three kinds: first, the content of the website; second, site links; third, user experience. The adjustment on this basis, which is more focused on some.

search algorithm to deal with, is maintaining the status quo, the above three aspects are done, no matter how the adjustment will not affect you.

website architecture, user experience. A good website to open the first impression is the fresh methodical and offensive; from the website to find an easy job to do what they want, want to obtain information. So since the site on the need to have a good framework, network spiders also like people love more organized website, not easy to walk into a dead end.

for a search engine, the adjustment part can only be a permanent part of, it is worthy of our attention and concern, anything, any web sites are also changing them. Phoebe personally think that as long as these real Ariza many efforts to find ways, not detour, honestly do stand, even if the search engine is.

First of all,

third, website links. The link is divided into two categories: internal links; external links. The construction of internal links is a part should be taken into account in the early days of the site, is a part of webmaster when to update the web site to complete, reasonable inside chain can be used to enhance the website weight. The chain site of words is wide, such as Shanghai, Post Bar, know love Wikipedia, blog, forum, micro-blog, Links, fanchon bookmarks, knowledge quiz, message boards, RSS and so on. The chain is nothing more than many, only care about the essence, this will require long-term accumulated.

Engine adjustment strategy

The search engine

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