A bully when dark cheat common scam secret website link building

scam three: use JS link identification: * * * * * is

search technology can not identify the inside of the JS text based on a lot of people on the link played a crooked idea. In addition some owners are not proficient in the program, if the script is classified hidden calls, JS link is >

scam two: embedded iframe framework, the difficulty of recognition: * * * * *

website construction and website optimization process, Links is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, the normal exchange links can indeed enhance the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, the specific keywords in the search engine rankings. On the other hand, the link will be affected by the parties to the exchange site right down. Although the name is Links, link exchange still trap continuously, this is a frequently encountered problem. Link spam and contempt, but because you can realize one-way links, the rapid accumulation of website weight, many people still secretly use. This is a party for cheating, is not fair, exchange links to promote website weight, thus not only lift weights, but the output is not only caused by the continual loss of weight into the website. There is no way to prevent cheating links, but definitely have a way to identify, just now the cheating means more deceptive, requires considerable piercing eye.

The current

Iframe is the only link, low weight page links embedded into high weight (usually home page), to obtain higher weights of links. Iframe exchange at the beginning of the link, some people have an ulterior motive use, but now the general webmaster tools can be identified, and the framework of technology on the search engine is not friendly, not to mention the right website optimization, so now through this method to cheat links almost disappeared. Only in exchange links, the iframe link is still not cheating. That is, to remove the code view, only the naked eye is not easy to identify the iframe link, use Adsense tools is a good way.

a scam: delete the link by the difficulty of recognition after the exchange, you can feel it

this method is simple in operation, is also quite easy to identify, is the exchange connection, on the other side unknowingly will unilaterally delete link. Because the search engine has a certain requirement for export link stability, and through the webmaster tools, or open the site can see, so not much actually using this method to cheat link. What’s more, when the site of unstable operation or suffering right down, removed the possibility of a larger link. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the link is deleted is not always a good thing, we need to do is to always check the website, found the problem immediately. Who do not want to exchange links of the punishment right down, and let their hard business website suffered implicated, so the best way to ensure stability of the link is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the site, and constantly improve the weight of their own website.

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