Case analysis the search keyword does not show the reason description of


When Here we can see the

small series marked the keyword "Cangzhou maternal and child" in bold red line, since the description contains the secondary key should display the description in the love of Shanghai in search results, the cause of the non display is what? Here is the small series to see why before the proposed snapshot date of the station. The station snapshot date " 2012-2-5 ", we see the page love Shanghai snapshot of the source code:

, a search engine crawler to crawl in the page when the network is not smooth, resulting in incomplete web crawling. The website open slowly, a spider crawling only when climbing the parts of the page. Many websites such as some time ago in Shanghai love search results without " description", a title, not even the title page of the current set of title. Here we see the snapshot of this page:


a (Cangzhou women and children in Shanghai love search results):


two site " description" tag does not contain the keyword. We look at this station " description" tag.


snapshot is complete, so this factor can be ruled out.

can be seen from the chart the snapshot of the date for the 2012-2-5, today is February 8, 2012. Why mention small snapshot time here? Please read small series analysis.



reasons for such a situation generally has the following two reasons.

(Cangzhou people in Shanghai love search results):

Figure two


Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. Today in the forum search outside to see a webmaster to ask questions, the content is about search keywords in the keyword "Cangzhou maternal and child", in the love of Shanghai in search results below the title page is not " descrption" content, but "in a text. But if you search for "Cangzhou people" of the show but the display is the site of " description" content, why? Then Hunan Shanghai dragon small kiness is the webmaster FAQ, also have this doubt the webmaster friends also can refer to the reference. First enclosed map.

from the site of love Shanghai snapshot source code can see the description does not contain the Cangzhou maternal and child ", but contains" >

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