The search engine results diversification and features user experience effect on Shanghai Dragon a

Shanghai dragon most understand a truth, no matter how the site search engine on the arrogance of how unreasonable, but as with all our webmaster friends, there is one thing he must consider, that is the user experience, in this case search engines than any of our webmaster friends are not open around the search engine. The user viscosity is very low, even the search engines don’t deny, so love Shanghai to Shanghai Shanghai know sex sex, sex, sex Post Bar Shanghai, Shanghai space, do fall in love with the sea ah, now is a love Shanghai open platform, a what will Shanghai traffic and customers are transformed into the final value, make the search engine more than just a visitor’s media.

Google has done some non search engine category of products, try to retain visitors, but Google in this regard than love Shanghai more rational, in any case toss, search engine user experience improvement is always the first one, these tiny improvement on behalf of Google in the search engine user experience to spare no effort to change, as a staff Shanghai dragon we should pay attention to these small and important.



search Shanghai dragon how website has become an inevitable trend in the case of the integrated search engine, is a problem we have to face, because the search engine search results first is the most obvious influence is available to reduce the number of page ranking search integration, it means that the website weight must enter the home page the higher, the user experience of the website and content to be more attractive to users, the search engine ranking page position is 10, this resource is very limited, if the search results in increasing each integrated search results, natural ranking results page must have a website will enter the second page this is a serious problem, Shanghai Dragon must face.

second because the integrated search will have to face the problem is: the integration of search, especially the video, pictures, the results will appear on the map, the user’s web browsing path impact. When the search.

integrated search, the Shanghai dragon for the majority of friends must not strange, the so-called integrated search refers to the search engine in the search results will not only display a text search results will show the results of video, images, commodity information, map information, and even PDF, word, txt and other file formats the search results, the integrated search Google displayed a long time ago, there were pictures of results, also love Shanghai in the specific word search results map information and video information, but relatively Google use frequency is not very obvious, but the love of Shanghai will appear in many common words in the result love Shanghai news relevant search results is very common……

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