Website optimization to make full use of the valuable materials of keyword research neglected side

if only rely on the tools of keyword research, it is easy to overlook your users. The tool is only to find the most popular words, regardless of whether the user really use these words. One of the best methods of keyword research studies users use words, here are some simple research methods.


product evaluation

every day you will be a user of email, some are seeking help, some consulting services and so on. In email you will find the actual use of the word. Most companies have filed form or in connection to the email website, these data are collected in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or directly send e-mail to the person in charge. Summing up information from your inbox is not an easy thing, use the form system to keep the information submitted to the database, and then send the information to the appropriate CRM or email for further research.

blog commentsIf your website with


e-commerce websites allow users to evaluate a product. In general, the evaluation is very useful, however, the user of the product name and product name you often on the web be quite different. The system derives comments of different methods, you should test how to save comment in your system.

Email AC

if you are using a free forum system, you should from your hosting control panel are commented, instead, we should look at how to export the data. < >

in many other sites, users will evaluate your product, but the collection of these evaluation and no easy way. If you are using social monitoring tools, evaluation data can be easier to export. If you do not use these tools, can also use the Google monitoring tools. The establishment of monitoring value for your brand and products, and then put these messages in one place, you can also send these messages automatically sent to the database system to collect. Of course, you can also search for your brand name in micro-blog or other social tools, and then inside the comments in the file copy.

social comment

this is the first step of keyword research, through the following ways you can find users actually use words.

blog, you can put the blog into a database. Derived from the database review is a very easy thing. Most blog template, when using the phpMyAdmin control panel, you can export these comments.

if your site with the forum, this is a good place to study keywords. In general, product reviews, forum posts compared with greater mobility, compared to the blog content submitted longer, which makes an excellent forum of keyword research.

data collection

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