The new improved burn nets highlights the chain effect

this article introduces the first observation I burn nets to total station data, outbound links to more than 40000 times in the February 15th all day long, page effect improved obviously. The following chart record is February 15th all day long inbound links hits the top 10.


according to the I burn nets, before many bloggers reflect the link problem and original problem, so I burn nets the corresponding improvement measures. Then the improvements are effective? I burn Nets Official blogs, the author has seen another article, called the first Statistics Station link clicks.

of the two methods can not only increase the click, thus to improve the flow of visitors, but also can increase the chain, is conducive to their websites in Shanghai dragon. Can be said that economic benefits, I believe we can help your website to improve search engine performance.

first, keywords in their references in the add link blog. You can make you want to promote the content in the form of links as references, such as your intention in writing this article is to promote your blog, the easiest way is to add "at the end of this article from the XX blog, add a blog link in the" XX blog ", such links can be the search engine recognition, can also be readers click into your blog or website. In this form, is not be edited to delete the article, quite insurance.

February 14th, I burn nets on the page has been improved, including the blog links to click on the source will go to the station, will maintain the original link page, the original is located in the top of the source and the original link moved to the bottom position is extremely obvious, and clearly indicate that it is the source of.

from the official introduction, we see not hard, I burn nets this really considered for the user, these improvements for a little is summarized for bloggers to provide the chain. Not only for bloggers, webmasters website more outside the chain, but also can take visitors, and realize the benefits of these methods is actually very simple.

second, the other extended content associated with the theme of the report in the post after post. Say simply, is to put some of the articles listed in the back of the article, with the title + hyperlinks form can be listed. So readers after reading the article, will attract them to the other page on your blog or website.

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