The people behind the Shanghai dragon successfully predicted

on the other hand, websites have become so happy why. May be a hate heart. Mainly with some contradictions between the manager. In fact, the manager is not understand these. Every time to talk to me about this, I really do not fit with the leadership talk. On the contrary I > Ning

Before the

Manager Web site operators to the pressure is relatively large. Often talk to me. I called the website data to him. Then give me a brainwashing. To be honest I don’t really love it. Because I am a self, always feel their own sense of propriety, not to pressure others. I know how to do. I know this may for my future development is not a good thing but it is difficult to change the fact. There are a little more sad is that after the encounter customers can not hold the site for a successful case.

went after the company’s website operation will continue. Then I learned from previous colleagues and recruit a company of Shanghai dragon head. But their work contents and details of changes. In the next period of time on this site I have been very concerned about.

I was

first to introduce myself. I am a fan of Shanghai dragon. In October last year after the resignation to the xilihutu consulting firm Shanghai dragon head. At that time, because the company limited resources so ultimately responsible to give the site operation of three people.


website made around five months of age with two thousand ip. This flow is not, but I think this is our hard work to. The site also slowly in the creation of performance. In May this year, due to friends and business so left the company.

website in September 15th when the weight decreased. Website page rank No. Only web page ranking. Such a state continues today. I predict a success. But I successfully predicted behind, how many sad things.

because the station is my hand to do it, I paid a lot of effort. But more and more wrong, I in August according to the website of different write a different site of the fate of Shanghai dragon in charge of this article, which analyzes the fate of next website.

I am glad to

analysis of this website if it goes on like this will be waiting for their rapid decline in traffic. The final closure of the site.

said the truth site happened a very sad, I am very happy on the other hand. Sorry I do a website that is be destroyed on one day. This site my effort is the largest. A lot of places when I contact this site to this site I are not satisfied. That early my job is not satisfied with the place will be sorted out and sent to the website of the company side modification. But because I write too many problems and could not afford so big company website experience to modify, so in the end we give to the website production staff every month hundreds of dollars, he helped us to solve the problem, our company is part-time.

In the

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