Your website will be hovering at 11

wrote here, although they did not find the exact way, but I believe that as long as we have a chance. The same.

first encountered this situation is already the last thing, then do a message website, because the competition is relatively small, fast keywords will have good rankings, but the rapid growth of traffic seems to be good times don’t last long, let love Shanghai aware of the key words, decline, after a big update the site of the primary key, to the first second pages, is the definition of "when we give love Shanghai 11", rapid decline in traffic, this taste only you know.

is a spring, the weather is fine, people feel comfortable season, and for those of us, perhaps not too much significance, because the site is our business, we are always concerned about the object. Spring didn’t bring me a good mood, this time, I encountered a "love Shanghai 11", was previously a new station, this is an old station, is a securities information website (贵族宝贝yiyuzhengceshi贵族宝贝), once ranked very good, although some are not stable, but also have ranking go, not long ago, I met with 11 again, this is more obvious than before, almost all the keyword in the second page first, and like a nail nail at the top, firmly, firmly! The mood is lost, but still have to adjust their own, life will continue, our feet can not stop, forward is our only chance!

The processing method of

station is hard, rely on search to make the flow more hard, love is the most difficult on the sea. These friends are not hard to know the process to yourself, or to see the results. Want to share with you today is a bit of an old topic: love Shanghai 11 phenomenon.

was just because of this phenomenon, and not too many cases for reference, the solution is pitiful. No way, then continue to update, increase the chain, but the effect is not good, simply matter, then boring submitted Dmoz directory, after some days, ranking recovery, and occupy the first position, it is very stable. Originally, the site was Dmoz included! This experience tells me that the high quality of the chain can be shortened "11" phenomenon, but now it seems, may be just the case.

is my website, continue to update, as the original, at least it is pseudo original. In order to increase the chain, although after several updates, ranking has not been restored, but I still insist, as long as one day in eleven, I will not give up, when the right to exercise executive power! Here, I also found a phenomenon, is the main keywords while in eleven place, but some long tail or in the home and if you can, we can recommend a change of strategy appropriate to give up the main keywords, long tail attack, maybe there will be a turnaround! Conditions can also buy some high quality links. Also don’t increase suddenly, this process is completed in a period of time, some as natural as possible.


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