Writing and thinking of website optimization in the station of the original article

first, you need to understand what is the user demand. We know the original writing when the user needs is more important, users enjoy reading what article? What is easy to get the click? These things you have to understand, don’t pull a theme that launched up! This is very bad, how do we find the needs of users is relatively simple? It might be said, as we all know, but is he did not pay attention to it, we can use statistical tools such as their website background: cnzz, love Shanghai statistics, 51, these statistical tools are key analysis of this project, after we enter the background, click on the keyword analysis, which can understand the background of the user is entering our the website through which valuable words, through the analysis and summary of these words, we can clearly understand the user really What is needed? They can be targeted to provide the required. Is not very simple, but the effect is very good! You can try.

website optimization of original articles of the value and significance of Shanghai dragon Er is obvious to people, but I found a lot of people in the original writing often not handy, with a negative word is like a stammer half spit a word out, I also had to write original articles of fear, because they do not write! Before 2012 for the love Shanghai quality requirements is not very high, false original article can muddle through, but now this method has been increasingly abandoned by Shanghai dragon Er, the original article how to operate it? The author and do a detailed analysis of what.

second, are very familiar with their own industry or product. We know that most of the industry in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon Er is the enterprise or individual station station, we have only one objective in the optimization of the site, a directional flow, so as to reach a deal, when we understand the purpose of the creation of the article is targeted very strong, after the foundation of the first point the needs of users, we then need to understand second article writing key, we update enterprise station as a case, to understand their own industry and product characteristics is very important, taking the industry as an example, I do jade site, what kinds of jade must first understand? What is the way of identification jade jade? The quality of different price is how to divide? Different age groups which are suitable for wearing jade products understand these basic industries? Knowledge and product knowledge, is essential for the writing of the article, our writing purpose is to solve the problem of the user, the user, rather than search engines in the creation of the article, it must be clear, only the user through our website to help solve the problem, we will remember the site, open more pages, search on the basis of the engine user behavior can be a good ranking score for the website, so writing is not to deceive is not false, but a real help.

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