The interests of catalytic war benefits included in the search engine Taobao to resume talk again


The first The re opening of the Taobao

first guess open reason:

is now popular in the twenty-first Century war without smoke, but the war war is more cruel than ever, but the total return that is all about the interests of the war. Often two large enterprises, because some interests and the two big quarrel frame, much bukekaijiao, but because of some interest again.

second love Shanghai open platform

but to remind the majority of consumers, there may be some unscrupulous businessmen, will use search engines to get traffic and the implementation of fraud. First, a bogus Taobao merchant site fraud, may forge a Taobao mall style, and the title of a generic title Taobao fraud, to remind consumers must see. The second is through the search engine will be ranked Taobao store in a very good position, and fraud, but second.

, there is a very big advantage for the majority of Taobao’s businesses. The first Taobao ranking is usually through the internal system of Taobao, Taobao is the first general mall merchants, and then the non Taobao mall merchants, and if the love of Shanghai to find, may be different, some businesses can use some methods of his shop two domain name do a better ranking in the rankings. And businesses can be obtained through the search engine traffic, here is a great advantage for businesses.

recently love Shanghai open platform has been emitting very fire, there are about two kinds of speculation, the first for the majority of business interests, open platform, began to include. The second is due to internal reasons.

open here, may in fact be reached some kind of agreement, both sides will certainly benefit in a cooperation.

third Alibaba set up 12th anniversary

tomorrow is like Alibaba was founded in 12th anniversary, the Alibaba is likely to re open platform anniversary.

just check the reason, when Taobao shielding love Shanghai, Taobao is "part shield search engine is to eliminate bad business fraud." Shanghai, love talk is "afraid of Shanghai’s upcoming C2C trading platform, here we can love Shanghai" search Taobao screen love Shanghai "can see, a well-known website has also set up a special plate.


OK! No matter what the reason, we do not want to go.

from the perspective of the interests of

station, A5 station to see Taobao to re open the search engines today, check included still in 600+, but the use of site queries, which show only four pieces of information, may be the command for the love of Shanghai cannot be fully identified included. OK, the Taobao search engine development to talk about his own views.

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