Shanghai Longfeng share those things go in the website optimization keywords


with tools, learn extension word, the next step is to efficiently set up their own required thesaurus, this part should be combined with the company’s business, product structure and content to do. Select the root is very important, too short will develop a lot of invalid word is too long, the volume is not enough, the specific degree in the actual use of tools when feeling extension word. Xiao Bian here to emphasize that must be clear positioning of the website and the content output, differentiated the advantages of their own, do not blindly in order to cover the keywords, Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, especially in the process of the website operation, the advantages of their own resources where the extension of word starting from where the only way. In order to quickly enter the market, obtain the target user through the search engine.

extension of what words? Keywords 1, how to expand

extension of word word word when it comes to digging, most Shanghai dragon Er extension will think how to extension extension word, which words of the two questions, Xiao Bian also Romans, mainly from the two aspects to do the detailed share.

This part of the

started small, mainly through the extension word love Shanghai keyword tool to do that, when the market is not so much as you go to the webmaster tools. From the extension of word, the Shanghai dragon Er is happy to, more popular on the market there are 5118 platforms, Jinhua webmaster tools, tools, light keywords launched tools and so on many edge is uneven, each has advantages and disadvantages, the reason why these is to tell long friend, keyword mining has become more open simple. Just have patience, open system, set up the root system automatically run a few days, how many words are (this is a little exaggerated, or according to the market demand to be). Xiaobian sigh time is changing, everything becomes easier.

concluded that the root selection is very important, it is directly related to your target population, in a small series of understanding, the keyword is the target population, choose the right keywords also lock the target population.



as one of the core elements of the website optimization, Xiao Bian think it is very necessary to separate out a share, this article "Crawler" lost from extension word, word segmentation, word cloth in three directions with like-minded webmaster friends to communicate.

small series is the main emphasis of the work to be rational in the use of tools, selection of tools, can make your work more efficient, more easily. Still do not understand the buddies if there are words dig demand, if not search this tool also can focus on the public number for my WeChat. These are free of cyber source you have to learn the key, query, understand the art, in order to truly realize the thought to do.




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