Shanghai Longfeng not careless to guard against the chain invisible killer

saw such a post today on a website, because Sohu blog robots.txt file in writing always made a stupid mistake, write a letter U, the Sohu blog is noble baby K off.

this is actually another disguised fake chain, and JS calls the same. The difference is that this link is there, but not on the other side of the page or Links page. The recognition method is the same with fake JS chain.

files, tag, or the technology itself is not to block or stop the link. But different people, different in order to make it become our chain contact >

killed two: nofollow

Disallow Killer four: inframe

think the chain hard to do on a blog, the programmer due to careless, cause you to cast to the wind. Nothing is more miserable things. So, Da Yu wrote this article, do the chain to remind the webmaster friends, do not be careless, alert the chain invisible killer.

We do this for

Robots.txt URL will stop the search engine allows access, index, search results. Taobao is famous Shanghai spider love shield. As of press time, the Sohu blog robots.txt file error has been modified. Da Yu Sina, NetEase, successive query Sohu, Tencent blog channel robots.txt files were not found in the mainstream search engine behavior shield. But Da Yu still have to remind Shanghai dragon ER in the chain, avoid to query robots.txt documents, lest you to cast to the wind.

killer: robots.txt

In fact, these


Shanghai dragon of nofollow will not be unfamiliar, nofollow is < a> rel attribute value in the label, which allows access to the value of the href attribute, allowing the index, display the results, but does not transfer the PR value does not transfer the weight, i.e.. Today, Yu A5 seen in Post said a well-known domestic webmaster forum added nofollow, the signature on the link after verification, rumor. But visible to nofollow webmaster panic. The chain is not meaningless to transfer the weight, the more well-known is the NetEase set up a nofollow blog.

Killer three: js/ajax

Links is particularly important. The JS or Ajax asynchronous call link meaningless. But in our webmaster do friends chain often neglect prevention, just by seeing each other on the site there is meat own links. In fact, through professional Links detection tools or check the page source file is whether URL can easily contain identification label.

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