Small and medium sized enterprise website optimization where road

from the introduction above, we can see that the target keyword will be covered by the application of the future, and it is because of the long tail keyword traffic is relatively small, and so much love, Shanghai will focus on long tail keywords, which is to provide a new direction for the optimization of small and medium enterprises of the road. How small and medium enterprises to do long tail keyword ranking? The author summarized from the following two aspects:

Wuhan yaoje Technology Co. Ltd. that, compared to the fierce competition, the target keyword may be used to occupy in the future, small and medium enterprises than in the eyes of the above optimization of long tail keywords. We all know that the long tail keywords is undoubtedly the mass flow, and also will not have the target keywords, this is also a lot of small and medium enterprises only committed to the cause, and now the target keyword optimization, which became the reason we need to optimize the long tail keywords.



in the search for "no hair of the dog", there is a precise answer as shown in the figure, this is not meant in the future when the search results in the love of Shanghai, will be a large number of applications occupied, but will also have more accurate search words the words and the answer? Yu, which is committed to the natural keyword ranking optimization Shanghai Longfeng makers, is obviously a huge impact.

I found that we are searching a lot of main keywords like "calendar", "game" in the front row there are a lot of love Shanghai web application, as shown below:

usually optimize website weight accumulation for at least 6 months, after doing so for 6 months, is not necessarily ranked? In fact is not the same, from the establishment of a new station included, to keyword ranking, need at least 6 months period, we did 6 months there must be a ranking, but less than 6 months, it is certainly not the ranking. Some people would ask 301 to weight transfer time required is 6 months, is it a coincidence? Some people might not understand what is the 301 to weight transfer, we first explain, also known as the 301 permanent redirect resources, refers to the transfer of an old site to a new site, but the domain name with the search box weight unchanged, the old domain name will jump directly to the new domain name, set 6 months is mainly to prevent cheating, because the ranking general new domain name will be 3 months, cheating, in time.

optimized website weight cumulative 6 months


we can see that, so far, there are a lot of target keywords appear love Shanghai web application, moreover has been accurate answer, and we believe that in the next few years, this phenomenon will become more and more fierce, the target keyword is a large amount of application to occupy, but that is to be expected. Then, after being used to occupy in the target keywords, small and medium enterprises website optimization, where is the road to

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