Secret How to improve the site weight of all the words will do it fast

in Shanghai love search 50+ Shanghai dragon, in the webmaster tools to check the second ranked site, the weight is 4, in fact, not what the site keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon has done is not very good, but a few days of weight from 1 to 4, this is how to do


50+ why Shanghai Longfeng index will be so high? Is the brush index? This method is so simple? First, this method is not brush love Shanghai index, then brush love Shanghai index can not this fast, the wood to say:

?In fact, the

pictured above Shanghai dragon net + association + the word love Shanghai index as high as 10165, compared with a look, after these words + superimposed index, so the index will be very high, and most importantly, have a lot of hard optimization words, after using the + will become very easy to get ranked, basically no difficulty. Keywords only index keywords + index, index will be superimposed, if no index + keywords that still no index.

since it is so, many people will think, that’s good, I just get some high index keywords + together, then do a high ranking, the weight, is this


how to quickly improve your weight? A look at the title is believed to be a lot of people will say the title of the document, bluff, because there is no shortcut to website optimization. Indeed, wood also said there is no quick promotion optimization method to rank to earth. But it can quickly improve the site the weight, do not need to stack keywords, does not need the mass outside the chain, it can be said that this method not only increases the weight, but also not is what cheating, that how to rapidly improve the site weight?



50+ why Shanghai Longfeng index is so high? Since 50 and Shanghai Longfeng index superposition, for example: the word Shanghai dragon + association + Network:


recently had a topic discussion, is about the "Shanghai dragon +50", "50+ Shanghai Longfeng", such as keyword ranking, many people may not know what is directly above:

problem is in the word 50+ Shanghai dragon, as shown below, the 50+ Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index is 8577, the site ranked in the search second love Shanghai, of course, is expected to flow statistics is very high, and we all know that the weight of this statement is not in love with the official release of the sea, it is webmaster tools launch of the website has obtained index keywords ranking, according to the expected flow grade, so the weight will be high.

love Shanghai index overlay

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