Shanghai dragon website editor you do not know the secret

added 3, the picture ALT attribute, ALT is added on the picture tell the spider content information;


3, the title of the article within 30 Chinese characters, and concise;

as the Shanghai dragon the editorial staff, whether you are often asked to write high quality articles; "high quality articles", what is the quality? Shanghai Longfeng article editing and novels, newspaper editors are very different, Shanghai dragon articles editors need to integrate into the knowledge network technology more and more important in Shanghai dragon is the skill; we want to release hits for.

as a good small, absolutely not only ctrl+c, ctrl+v, requests us to have the sensitive sense of smell, on the event notice, and in the press release ahead of the layout; we also need to often go to the mining network news propagation and depth study of Shanghai Long Fengwen chapter editing skills. Only in this way can we gain the initiative in the fierce competition in the network news media, get better ranking from the love of Shanghai, noble baby and win more traffic.

4, layout of the article, every text should control in 100 words less than

2, the title keyword best placed in the title of the first part;

, the original


5, the content of the article contains pictures, in the habit of crawler search, pictures best placed in the first paragraph of the article, the following article in

1, for 3, the

here is my own summary of the Shanghai dragon article editing skills, for your reference, I hope to help you:

1, the title of the article should pay attention to the novelty, in line with the user search habits;

5, finally, in the end of the article with a short summary containing keywords;


2, into the article keywords in the first paragraph;

three (keywords), the key points of

4, consists of two parts of the title, the author recommends the use of " |" " |" separated, are friendly in the search engine and user experience;


1, choose to meet the title, the mainstream approach is the main form of specific keywords and keywords;

, 2 pages contain different keywords a comma English under "," separated from the key words suitable to 3-5;

keyword only relates to the current page content, and not involving >

two (title), the title of the article focus on the standardization of

in the network the article, first determine the title keywords;

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