Novice webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization of several fatal errors

webmaster want to do nothing but stand, walk every day to each big website forum, trying to find the opportunity to start. During this period, you will find a lot of new things, perhaps unfortunately, you will find the key to add a chain of super saving such website, the above explanation says, as long as you click on the input link chain button, your site will instantly and thousands of websites set up the chain, the webmaster in the heart act for themselves in the abyss consequences. The chain really adds, we can clearly see also in Webmaster tools, but because of the super link instability, you will find your chain today is 5>

many novice webmaster see others web site keywords ranking is very good, and the keyword index is very high, so they think I should be crazy to put the word in any corner of the site, let the spider to grab. In the small taste of sweetness, a get out of hand, more bold, and even some owners do not understand what it means to do so. A black hat optimization of this approach is that we often say, Shanghai will still love spiders crawl your page, and according to your collection, refresh the keywords ranking, but it is a The loss outweighs the gain. optimization method, the cost is also very painful. Soon, all of your keywords disappeared, replaced by the sea will fall in love with you in the dark room. In general, about three months will be released, we called from the good, I think that if you are released, this station is not necessary to do so, because it will pain recurrence.

, a keyword stuffing method

want to do a website, it is important to optimize the Shanghai dragon. In order to make your site in the search engine on the important (like Shanghai) get good rankings, many webmaster friends is painstaking, by all means, trying to find a shortcut as soon as possible. We all know the ranking will flow, the user will visit your site, but how to make your own website optimization to achieve the best effect? Today I put some of their accumulated experience to share, learn together, hope to the webmaster, especially the new hand webmaster friends detours, and even dead end, please ignore the nouveau riche automatically.

many novice webmaster, I am very willing to praise them is their study enthusiasm, I think on the website of Shanghai dragon before optimization, many webmaster friends have seen similar to themselves, and may even see a lot, they hope to learn from the excellent method to others, make optimization more smoothly some. But the reality is a bit cruel, first of all, the light from the station data and see the website itself, we can get the information is very limited, even is not accurate, I think this is a lot of stationmaster deep. It is often said that the website optimization model can not be copied, in fact, the reason is very simple, it is because there is no immediate promotion mode of internet. OK, today we’re going to talk about a novice webmaster Shanghai dragon optimization several fatal errors.

two, the key to add a chain

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