How to make our web site more search engine love

, a website internal structure optimization

two, the timeliness of the content and the web site.What is the timeliness of the

content, you will have to update the content of fresh, readable, like the news that. In addition, the search engine spider’s eyes, the ideal state can be mapped to a "content" and "URL" is only the corresponding page, without duplicate content appear in more than one URL, so when the content of your pages more close to this state only if the page ranking more easy to climb. Therefore, the static setting station is a must do.

what is the external promotion? Is the new original articles get some forum some weight high to contribute, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting spider. Some platforms present relatively fast, some included a relatively high weight of the main Tianya, Sina, Sohu, NetEase and so on these platforms. Of course, these external promotion is not one or two days to complete, also need to adhere to long-term, this will have the effect.

generally speaking, static website more conducive to search engine spiders crawl. Although some dynamic link will still be able to search engines, but compared to the static is to many poor. Because many web sites are some of the new search engine, so there will be a period of it, within the study period as soon as possible to gain the trust of the search engine, Xiaobian recommended by the static language to try. At the same time, but also in the interior of the website to avoid spider trap, causing the search engine antipathy.

website friendly degree directly determines the spider crawl for the website content and included, is one of the important factors affecting the keyword ranking. Most of the webmaster all know, to do original content will win the popular search engine. But the original article does not represent the search engine can quickly give it included, even included slow or not included. This article is not included or included slow reason in addition to the quality of the web page optimization is a very important factor. More youth Shanghai dragon to teach you how to make your own website to make the search engine more love, the content included faster.

Links as influencing factors of a website ranking is also a good lead spider means a Links you can think of it as a chain. Every day we are the construction of the chain day in and day out is to bring the spider to our site, included to speed up Web content. In Links the choice of quality is also very important, not what kind of Links can exchange. I was on a chain exchange will generally choose some related content relatively high, "


four, Links

three, external promotion of new content for

how to make your site more popular search engines love


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