Love Shanghai why medical websites frequently caught upgrade algorithm

medical industry is one of the most serious diseases, because only those types of disorders, a hospital is not much, so the website updated article is nothing more than about treatment of symptoms and signs of plagiarism, so everywhere, so the website itself for search engines to spam sites list.

1, the website credibility problem

addition, web site contains a large number of floating window advertising, banner ads, the content page to insert ads, seriously affect the user experience of reading. Too much advertising is an important factor affecting search engine judgment. We don’t think the search engine can not be so smart, from your PV, from your browsing time, analyzing from the reading screen you can.

medical industry is most concerned about the brand and reputation, after all, the profit is very high, each reference for the medical treatment of patients is mainly according to the hospital’s reputation to choose. Now, the medical industry network marketing is extremely confusing, as long as there is a qualified hospital will be participating in the network marketing one, there are many cry up wine and sell vinegar, it is a small clinic, but the strength of his own blowing godlike, resulting in patients with medical treatment to be deceived. Therefore, love Shanghai natural search manual review of the medical industry is more strict, is caused by the nature of the industry. Only love Shanghai auction in dealing with the problem when there are mistakes, just the site even though the right to be reduced, but still in the bidding rankings, with the natural search is completely contrary to the principle of.

medical sites generally have a professional team of Shanghai Longfeng operation, these commercial Shanghai dragon, in order to quickly obtain rankings, has a set of their own "method in the construction of the chain". From the chain list, released every day dozens of the chain is not a problem. In order not to be deleted in the forum, classified information website, and can add a lot of keywords, the content of the post is often inconsistent with the title and content, copy some spam. A large account of the blog Bowen chain. A few of these soft outside the chain chain, high weight outside the chain, because the time-consuming.

a hospital rarely only one site, such as the Tongji Hospital, Shanghai love to search out the website of a dozen. Do station group >

, 4 medical stations

this is a drop right site, love Shanghai included 1304 core keywords, all in hundreds of meters away.

3, the chain

recently found a problem, when someone in the group complained that "my website was" K "site is down right", the first time someone asked: "you do care?". Seems to have become a target for all medical sites, Shanghai love of the medical website as the focus of attention objects. However, what are the reasons that why medical websites frequently move, each upgrade a large area of hurt, today I will share with you an analysis of specific reasons.

2, the content of the website problemPseudo original and plagiarism

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