ndependent blog promotion experience mistakes to avoid detours

the right choice

in case of a space program, so the website how to choose the appropriate space? Such as I only write articles, occasionally send pictures for the webmaster, in fact, the space of 300M +100M database has been very good enough and even a little bit of luxury, 1G space looks gorgeous in space to see not flashy without substance. Capacity, need to look at the number of concurrent connections (IIS), monthly traffic limit, CPU restrictions, whether to support the custom 404 and 301 redirection. The main house free space is free, stability can not be guaranteed, the 404 page is not a custom, if your page when users access the site will jump to the main house, a long way you stand at least I can’t stand?. So it is suggested to be the main house free space for the novice to learn, if you really.

Xiamen Shanghai dragon blog went online for the first time in February, when using the 1G free space + Lu Songsong blog template blog program zblog + host house. Just start to feel all aspects are very good, while using a free space, but the speed is pretty awesome. But good times don’t last long, two weeks later, I found that with this template blog too much, have been more to the point of overflowing. I go where are the sets of templates, where one can not get rid of this template, finally I have seen the aesthetic fatigue, and even blog updates are too lazy to do not want to see, here I can only sigh loose brother this template influence.


my blog domain name is registered in January, although there has been an independent blog idea, also do a long update for. But from January to April now, the blog and on-line three times, title and keywords have been wavering, toss to toss a no row included but loved Shanghai drop right, included have been stuck in March 15th, but the weekend spent some time to do a blog made some optimization this chain, began to love Shanghai included my website home page snapshot also updated (since my real blog online optimization and promotion of time today is also extended for two days). In this awful time I spent a total of three sets of templates, in two and two space program.

after a week I started to make second sets of templates, my imitation station technology is good, not long after my blog and on the line, the use of the 1G free space + imitation Empire cms+ main house "indifferent" template. The first day I will blog online and found problems, firstly, too many unfavorable factors to the Shanghai dragon this template, the template in the picture cut is very simple, we can say there is a big picture directly cut in half. This is a direct result of the loading picture is very slow when a web site is open, and the template code there are many drawbacks, regardless of my blog is for the user to see or do to the search engines look, this template must be replaced. When I started to do exactly what to do on a separate blog before

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