The Shanghai dragon is no longer boring bonus and performance

The performance of

including IP, ranking, the chain, included etc..


, pumped into

keyword ranking monthly increase 2, just because the development in the near future, ALEX ranking is not required;

included, noble baby included relatively simple, easy, the site is now included in the basic more than 100, so set the standards included a monthly increase of 20%;

company website time is generally short, now almost IP are only about 50, promotion space is relatively large, so IP must increase 20% per month;

now many companies are implementing performance or pumped into to increase the enthusiasm of the staff, this is because the Shanghai dragon, do things more boring, a lot of people are not just hard, what kind of strength, the above mentioned, the following is how to do, not what innovation, not what idea, this is certainly not the boss want to see, we can only use money or activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff often, to improve the company inside harmonious atmosphere. But now most of their ideas are rich and energetic, are yearning in those who have pumped into the company, do more does not matter, as long as you pay to get in return, we will try to fight, after all, life is very realistic, have more opportunities to make money will go to the treasure.

1, the performance assessment of

in the website, as long as every day to do their own thing, these requirements can be achieved, what people don’t do unless.

I’m working in this company is to do foreign trade, the past few months, our company turnover inside more, the boss should feel system or welfare problems, so the people pull the past talk time, most people still think there should be pumped into the system, because most of the foreign trade company inside the promotion personnel according to the basic salary plus wages are pumped to the operator, so that more energy. As we do not smoke into it, even if we have no relationship to what high-heeled rankings do better, but others, ranking the good and bad are the same, do many things to how much money. The boss also felt that the way people may be more, it can not meet the development of the company, decided to let us to make a few person in charge, or pumped into the system performance. After the summary, in order to find the development interests of the company and the employee, and performance at the same time should be pumped into. The following is our company’s new system:

Of course, this is only the performance of the

the more troublesome, need to consider the boss, director,.

trial, and adjusted according to the different situation of each month, this is the month each employee must meet the standard, March did not reach the target of continuous automatic turnover.

since the beginning of the chain do not long, but compared to the nobility baby outside the chain, so the chain to increase a lot. The existing chain of about 500, to increase 100 per month.


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