Analysis of building materials enterprise website of the internal links how to deploy a web site

, in a column page and the content page to add hot, random content recommendation,

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recently, I have been in the small building materials enterprises to optimize the type of website, the website is developed in DEDECMS, in addition to the product, news, product knowledge, company profile, contact us almost no what content, for such a small business website directly can be keyword optimization to love Shanghai home through the chain. The general enterprise station need not included, so the content does not need to do too much, but the contrary is many optimization researchers only pay attention to this website, pay no attention to internal problems, the author in the exchange Links also observed that many building materials enterprise websites do not pay attention to the internal links, especially is the product page, then, what is the role of internal links? Is the main spiders provide fast channel and improve keyword rankings included, Following by the author with the majority of building materials enterprises responsible for Adsense exchange, building materials enterprise website of the deployment site of the internal links how clever.

first, building materials enterprises in the section of the web site pages and content pages to add recommend, popular, random, you can customize the number is generally five, while the recommended information can be manually recommended, popular information can be set by a user click rate of random, random content after each time the user refreshes the page again other information. The author explain the benefits of doing so, the webmaster can in the product page, the news page, the page set of product knowledge, random content recommendation, hot box, content box content number of five, which is to provide a good collection of channel, the spider will climb to the other site is deep the location of the web site to the index, and the coverage of the surface is very wide.

is now doing the radiator products business website, when optimizing the enterprise website structure is the first requirement of technicians will recommend content, add each product page and the article page of popular content, random content, when the content of the website and plenty of pages included, will provide a fast and quick access to the spider, the spider crawling through this channel and other pages of the page, so.

Figure 2

For example: the

in Shanghai dragon industry has such a word "station on the chain, large inner chain", this sentence highlights two key points, the first point is a small web site can be through the chain of keywords ranking optimization, second key large websites through internal links to web site optimization. In fact, it is the Shanghai Dragon staff often see is often done, although it is said so, but also need to complete small website internal links, let the whole site become a spider web, then provide crawlspaces index for the spider, so not only the site of the internal links in a large site on the small and medium-sized enterprises is also reflected in the body.

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