Brand customers how to assess the effectiveness of SEM

in the beginning as described, many traditional advertisers and advertising agencies are often very concerned about online advertising time. Some advertisers will require at least how many hours online and so on. In SEM advertising, in fact, online time should not be an important assessment index. The reason to start from the principle of SEM advertising: advertising is the fundamental mission of SEM, with specific keywords as a bridge to help advertisers website to accurate traffic; SEM advertising fees are each to a precise flow of charge. So this kind of advertising effectiveness assessment is to revolve around the search engine to bring much accurate flow and the cost of each flow out, and the ads on search engine shows how much time should be in the flow after the. An extreme example of an advertising an advertiser in the search engine, the advertising creative writing is very poor, relational keywords and user search results also far, put 24>

brand customers of SEM assess the effect of the most common mistakes

Author: Huang Hao graduated from the Rotterdam School of management, study of financial investment. In the love of Shanghai engaged in the search engine marketing consultant for two years, customer service industries including automobile manufacturers, financial, consumer, retail, IT and so on, the main customers include Shanghai GM, Dongfeng Citroen, EHI, Pacific Insurance, SONY…

often listen to brand advertisers said: "I am in the search engine keyword advertising how not to the afternoon on the line, so the effect is not good!" then in the search engine exactly what effect is good, what is bad effect? Is not the end of line between advertising can be used as evaluation of search engine on the effect of standard? This article will mainly focus on the effect appraisal problem discuss, hope some brand customers can apply only to abandon some traditional media assessment methods, from the nature of the search engine advertising through the understanding to sort out for this kind of SEM advertising (SEM in this paper refers to the search engine keywords pay promotion the evaluation index of advertising).


brand advertisers rely on traditional media because of the long-term development, assessment of the effect of traditional media is more understanding, but this kind of search engine new advertising platform is relatively unfamiliar, so in the assessment of SEM advertising will also use some traditional advertising, hard thinking. This will form a certain degree of misunderstanding, the most common is to display advertising time to assess the SEM effect of advertising.

in search engine advertising usually can be divided into two categories: the first category is the direct use of network platform to achieve online direct sales, such as e-commerce, online travel booking, car rental, such advertisers are called class second is no effect; online sales platform directly, using the site to do the brand the promotion, such as luxury car brand’s official website, the official website, the cosmetics website, this kind of advertising is called brand.

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