A little baby penguin update ideas to deal with the nobility

Each update algorithm of

almost all the nobility baby will cause a serious blow to the joint marketing. In recent times the noble baby update will be named for the animal, such as Panda (panda) Penguin (Penguin), the former is an update in 2011, the main object of attack is the so-called "content farms" (content farm), when the Shanghai dragon er who just think when this is over, and the penguin here, a ferocious.

is the nobility of the baby is not to say that you don’t do the chain, but to encourage webmasters (affiliate) on the contents of the site should first do the chain before. Therefore, to deal with the noble baby penguin updates the most important thing for your website is full of high quality content, and constantly update the content of high quality. The noble baby never punishment has a lot of content, does provide value to the reader’s website.

avoid the pseudo original content. At least not to use in your master above. Although the pseudo original content still has its uses, such as published on the Web2.0 website or the directory, but should avoid making in your master, no matter how high the degree of pseudo original, the article content cannot be compared with handwritten articles.

The new

if you want to overcome the influence of the penguin update, then you should follow the following principles when creating a content:

do not use empty content. The definition is that a large number of words, but not the actual meaning of the article. The surface seems to be very good, but not to give the reader a good impression, is the result of your website jump out rate is very high, can not stick to the reader. In general, these contents are outsourced or pseudo original tools made out, the purpose is to long tail keywords ranking. In the content of the website, make sure that the article or content you provide something useful for the reader.

You should know that

and don’ts:

anyway, update algorithm is the fact that we must learn to cope with these grassroots affiliate. In this article, we will discuss how to use legitimate and reliable link strategy and method.

short, when creating a content.

when writing this article, the noble baby penguin continues to update, it is that the goal of waste reduction "," is ranked by the black chain and a large number of non natural link. As for the noble baby penguin update really improves the search quality is still not conclusive, many well-known Shanghai dragon ER and ordinary noble baby users have evidence that those who use black chain website ranking even even higher than before. But in the past the use of legitimate methods of website, suffered serious injuries. In addition a baby penguin update noble complaint is that some search algorithm of big words, some shopping website ranking is not necessary too high.

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