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Shanghai dragon From the beginning of the 628 Shanghai


if this time last year to talk about the Shanghai dragon, absolutely is a thriving industry, they are optimistic about the future of Shanghai dragon, but this time of the year of Shanghai dragon, I believe the majority of Shanghai dragon Er are very confused, don’t know whether to continue or begin to say so this winter is very cold!

love Shanghai in October 23rd issued a notice to link against cheating, "the chain for emperor" concept has expired, what is the link cheating? Love Shanghai’s explanation: buy or sell so-called can improve the weights of the website links; through the web page or site of value chain to create a large number of round cross use; program sites such as Web2.0 large mass links pointing to your site; by scanning the web site vulnerabilities in high quality site with no hidden links; exchange link recommendation meaning etc.. These cheating chain seemingly ordinary we usually made outside the chain is not the same, does not seem to be in the chain of the ordinary, I do not think so, the traditional education of our Shanghai dragon, the chain is the best means to enhance love Shanghai ranking, so Shanghai Longfeng Er every day is outside the chain chain, just the hair of the chain, can not give the transmission of information to bring any positive effect, from this point of view, this link is cheating, is in the use of love Shanghai algorithm vulnerability. Then the author rankings was also verified from the side of the author’s point of view is correct! "

is no longer a simple chain

the weather is getting cold, and a winter coming. Compared with the previous winter, this year seems to be more cold, not cold, but the heart is cold. The author at the beginning of 2012 graduation practice around looking for jobs, now the appreciation, entered the Shanghai dragon to me as this new industry, started a career, now has been more than half a year, from the beginning of the day and night of the muddleheaded og, the hair of the chain, then the system study of Shanghai Longfeng optimization to knowledge. Now the basic grasp of Shanghai Longfeng optimization ideas and most of the skills, hardships and happiness only my own mind most clearly

love K, the author and most of the webmaster began to experience a different time, every day in the observation of trembling love Shanghai trends, carefully protect their remaining sites, is over half a year later, the original love sea combat station content, now love Shanghai hit the link Trading and cheating, "the chain is king, the chain for the emperor" era has ended, Shanghai dragon industry also began to re shuffle, in this process there are a large number of owners left the Shanghai dragon industry, also has added many new. The current love Shanghai strategy uncertain conditions, how can I get to Shanghai Phoenix Road to the future? I believe everyone has there own opinions, the author today is to share a little bit of Shanghai Longfeng views of the future, I hope to give you some inspiration.

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