The eight factors affecting site ranking

site link quality plays a very important role in the rankings, such as the relationship between the situation of the chain, the weight of the chain, this is a condition evaluation of link quality, the chain quality of your decisions and rankings. Of course, the number of the chain is also very important, but then compared to the quality of the chain for ranking is more important.

4. URL

1. site link quality

5. ALT

website URL whether it is static or dynamic is not what big problem, static can be more concise, but also love Shanghai has solved the technical problems for dynamic link, but its name length should be grasped, can not be too long. It will increase the resistance to the crawling spider, the spider crawling all the difficulties, the influence of the rankings as can be imagined.

A few days ago in Shanghai dragon

if your site is not a basic keyword layout, then your website is almost difficult to get good rankings, because if there is no time to search engines crawl your web site keywords or keyword information is presented in the form of words spelled out of order, then the search engine can give you natural ranking.

information website

2. web site keywords layout

Kris A5 published an "independent" secret website ranking and which factors did not expect repercussions of some unexpected, click on the A5 rate of nearly 2000, the number of websites are also very good, many of my friends have asked why not write and website ranking factors related to what? Today Fanfan Shanghai dragon blog talk about under the influence of eight factors website ranking.

site structure is a tree structure, let the spider crawling from shallow to deep, but also allows users to access more convenient. If the site has a clear structure of the map, then search engines will be able to know you this website is what to do, what should be given in the rankings.

6. Meta site information to improve the degree of

ALT information website picture perfect or not is now a factor of search engine is more important, love should use statistics in Shanghai can be found in the love of Shanghai statistics Shanghai Longfeng proposed this information that a large proportion of. ALT information website image and perfect or not, you represent the degree of maturity of this website. ALT website information is perfect, the site can inform the user more clear website information, the search engine also can give good rankings.

although a lot of people are saying, love Shanghai for the website whether there is keywords, H1, description and meta tag is not so much, actually do love Shanghai is in the weakening effect of this keywords, but to every person, love Shanghai did not really say.

friendly site structureWhether the The

3. degree

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