Several ideas of Shanghai Longfeng marketing combination

long tail keywords we are not unfamiliar, but the role of the long tail word I understood as not only a channel. Instead, the word is really need to move the brain, why do you say that? The reason is very simple, using a search engine to prospective customers hope to find good suppliers, so we will fall into the long tail word Shanghai dragon ER, then how to choose good keywords to reflect the brand in my service? The printing industry as an example, "Shanghai (have) a printing company", "Shanghai large printing companies, printing companies list" and so on, when the prospective customers to search your site when you actually disguised promotion of their own brand is not large, well-known? "High hat" invisible to you has been quietly put on for yourself.

long tail push brand

multi channel,

promotion purpose is to establish a brand, establish channels. Search engine optimization too, here I share some practical experience for each of you, but have different understanding of each person and the purpose of promotion, so how accurate positioning is every webmaster must have been deeply penetrated in the brain.

article about his company’s report appears in the portal site, through the search engine, will give the search First impressions are strongest concept, is also a good means of promotion. Hard and peer portals or well-known enterprises to pull some of their relationship, is absolutely no harm, if can bring you a chain (Note: if you want to push the brand, that is the chain. If the high quality resources, then choose the anchor text), it may bring a lot of traffic this report will have for you, even

multimedia brand promotionImagine a

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