Practical analysis on the influence of CDN acceleration in Shanghai dragon is the kingly way


sites use CDN to speed up, by configuring the security chain function to protect certain resources by other website quoted, can also be through the white list configuration exception. You can also configure the prohibition of certain IP addresses, User-Agent access to the site, and all this is simply in the interface configuration.

Effect of

CDN has an impact on the Shanghai dragon, you can simply understand what is the key to Shanghai dragon ranking

sites use CDN to accelerate after the web server load and bandwidth will be decreased; because the CDN in the country to deploy multiple nodes, thus avoiding the source server station a single point of failure.

improve the website access speed

CDN website acceleration

To reduce the maintenance cost of Whether

Cdn working principle diagram


first, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand the following, first to introduce what is CDN, I believe everyone with me just contact CDN as a head paste.

CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network, which is a content distribution network. The basic idea is to avoid as much as possible on the Internet may affect the data transmission speed and stability of the bottleneck and the link, make the content transmission faster and more stable. By placing the server nodes throughout the network formed on the basis of the existing Internet layer intelligent virtual network, CDN system can real-time according to the load connection, and each node of the network traffic status and distance to users and the response time of integrated information users will request to guide the nearest user service node. The purpose is that users can obtain the required content of the nearest Internet, solve the network congestion and improve the response speed of the user access to the site.


website resources protection

chain?? site structure? The domain name has a long history? Flow? These are important, but the core is the user experience. Do stand long Management >

according to the survey, the user opens a website can bear no more than 3 seconds. Use the CDN website after the acceleration when users visit the web site CND acceleration system according to the cache server record the results of the optimal algorithm is given, so as to improve the response time of the site, enhance the user experience.

see CDN website acceleration test results Jianyu share "Today: Shanghai dragon does not affect the optimization!" some ideas of the article, and now share with you, about CDN this thing, I began to contact the 09 years from the company website traffic is relatively large, causing the server load is too high, the final choose CND acceleration techniques to alleviate traffic pressure is too large for the service, ADO, turn to the question.

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