Shanghai dragon on the basis within the chain and position weight

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3, different types of Web sites can use different weight distribution mechanism, can achieve the maximum effect, not the pursuit of quantity in the chain, but the pursuit of the content of the website.

2, due on a single page in a lot of useless chain, increase the number of content pages on each page in the ratio increases the page weight proportion of transfer, save the page weight loss

wrote an article recently, true proposition, false proposition, Bias algorithm and pseudo proposition, which once involved many of my ideas, altogether all spewing out, so it is difficult to understand, I will slowly explain some ideas, this article is about the chain and position weight, pure personal theory, non

1, a number of web pages within the chain is the best, because the chain effect is the ratio rather than quantity, so we want to improve the weight when some pages can increase the link ratio rather than quantity. (person had speculated Guoping is how to do the station of Shanghai Longfeng, within the chain position weight is in the internal use of personal transfer.


maybe some people will ask, what is the role of understanding of the problem. I personally feel that the meaning is really great, because he can help us solve a lot of problems

about the position weight, I have always been such assumptions, and not long ago to see the club owners someone asked LEE about the chain number, and lEE chain quiz decisions is the web page on the site in the position. I should be startled at what I think, and consistent, interested can see, I have a record of concrete.

, that is to say, if a site has 10000 pages, and each page has 100 theme links, then the total number of 100W is a topic link, each page can get up to 9999 links (approximately 10000), so we can get the 10000 division, all the links are assigned to a certain number of the weight of the entire site 1000, give another weight, similar to the PR can be divided into 0–10 grades, and to a certain level according to the number of pages of different distribution. The number of all the web pages and the position weight within the chain and independent, and have a chain and the overall ratio, so it can solve many problems in detail, the maximum to meet the needs of users.

first, we think that a lot of people say that the chicken and egg problem: a number of web connection is the best, can pass website weight? We all know that the two premise, trans received a "the more the higher the weight, a weight of" out of the chain of each "the share is lower, so it looks like the formation of a cycle of death, can not say exactly how many links is the best; but another idea, from the overall consideration, the number to access a web page within the chain not to calculate the number and position for the metrics. Everything is clear.

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