Let love skills included in the new Shanghai rapid analysis

first, the website structure in accordance with the habits of the spider crawling. First, we look at several points of the website structure mainly focus on the website, the logical structure of the best in the flat, or F type structure, reflected in the flat from top to bottom, it is the main section, below is the site of the spider crawling module in accordance with the principle of news breadth first, from top to bottom, will greatly increase our website the content of the exposure, attract spiders crawl frequency, the structure generally use the dedecms children’s shoes are very familiar with, this is also a lot of people for reasons of site selection of this program. The most obvious F structure is the performance of enterprise station, many enterprises stand in the above website, the following section is divided into two parts on the left is a list of news, right on the part of company profile, the lower half part is the product picture information etc.. The website structure is also convenient spider this structure is very good on our website for the latest news in the first time by spiders crawl. Choose which structure is mainly determined according to their own preferences, but pay attention to the principle of it, the physical structure of the site, mainly to the tree structure, and the folder path for naming the site directory folder, the best use of English, as far as possible the name is simple, short path can be.

second, website update. Content updates throughout the entire process of website operation optimization of the website launch in the content update the main attention of the original, the number can be a little bit every day, but we must pay attention to the quality of website content to grasp the best you write the original article, update the attention fixed time every day to publish articles. The correlation between the best and the anchor text link anchor text link proper not blindly to internal links and ignore the user experience.

third, the construction site is connected. Mainly refers to the construction of the first construction of outreach, outreach, may be appropriate to do some high weight blog in the free platform, there are a lot of these blog platforms, such as the Shanghai love space, Sina blog, insist on writing about the site theme related articles every day, also should pay attention to the quality of blog, the blog was not included before the best do not add related links, pre culture blog >

with the development of Shanghai dragon, many friends have joined the site operation optimization of the army in the past, but in the website launch we have to face a major problem is how to quickly and well let search engine of the website included, only the site was collected, then we can consider the content. Talk about improving site weights, to further improve the website ranking and so on. So, how do we website launch as soon as possible so that the site be included in search engines, how to get the trust of the search engine, attract spider residence time on our site? These questions are all new friends often encounter problems, the following points the author in the new business process must pay attention to the line and we analyze one by one.

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