How to set up a website to make the search engine more love

of course, the new station at the beginning of the line to care where there are many, such as navigation settings, such as the construction of the internal and external chain will for our keyword ranking.

…The use of

two, keywords and description writing. The Shanghai dragon will take the keywords content directly copied to the description, this is very wrong, because if you put these two items set the same, then the spider will think this information is repeated in the grab, so as not to be included, ah, the most important is that it two places will have a very good effect on the optimization, but now it can only play one role, the sale is not lost, too is not worth it, so keywords and description contents not as the same, and be sure to fill in keyword, add the keywords you want to do description, inside of these words of some description and packaging, this is the love of the spider, will also send messages with the server.

five, nofollow tag. In our website, there will be some of the links are similar to the online customer service, online QQ and so on, these links can be weight transfer, we need to control it, then you need to use the nofollow tag, and nofollw tag in the back of the link, the link is can still be used normally, but not to the outside of the transfer weight, so that we enhance the website weight is not have some help.

four, ALT content of writing. In the body there will be some pictures, if the picture please add alt attribute, then add keywords, each ALT can add a keyword, not more, otherwise it will be regarded as spider keyword, consequences…… ha ha…

, title, if you love Shanghai search engine rankings with the words "_" separating keywords, if Google ranked words "," separating keywords, do the search engine ranking is the comparison of two search engine suppliers, title should be as concise scouring.

You add a keyword to do

when your site began to be included in the search engine, you can start by optimizing the website content or structure to enhance the site keywords ranking, specifically how to do it, personally feel that the code optimization is one of the very important and very easy to overlook a ring today and talk about my own code optimization of some experience, I hope all of you can harvest after reading

three body, add H1 tags, each H1 tag as long as embedded in a keyword, then adding hyperlinks can, from the optimization perspective, each page has one and only one H1 tag.

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