To China’s Got Talent in three new variety of Shanghai Longfeng Philosophy

1. Do you love to master is also very important: from novice over, when the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon, because many things do not understand, it is difficult to promote a comprehensive overview of the website, learn a little bit today, think this is for tomorrow, learn a little and think that is right, I believe some novice webmaster friends and I have the same mentality, some even give up, look at the Shandong hacker male, is to learn the art professional, and learn the new juggling school for 5 years. A lot of friends to learn Shanghai Longfeng lonely is not a fresh sense of past in learning. Keep it very important.

2. Don’t look forward to money: now Shanghai dragon training structure free of charge too much, I believe that many just contact Shanghai dragon friend, originally may not be for this technology itself are interested in, many people are initially told us, people learned how much make Shanghai dragon what time of the day he money, sales exceeded the number of how many. These for us these pockets of RMB not much spare time I do not know what friends deeply attracted. I feel like doing anything really is not easy, if you in Shanghai Longfeng do not understand a lot of things, so as to adjust the attitude to look into the technology, like the dress like a hacker empire buddy, he had to learn from art, and to their own unique new juggling two performances, adhere to five years. And through the back of Zhou Libo’s question, there is no solution to the problem of his income from his eyes and so on, we can see that the friend on the show before Shandong Master should live is not so good. But he can calm to continue for five years learning this technique. This attitude is one of a successful webmaster mentality.

accidentally saw Zhou Libo and Ni Ping hosted a show on China’s Got Talent. In third games saw a so-called new juggling a hacker show male wearing a windbreaker, shocked the audience. Lose weight after Pro Xiaobian see deep feeling, think of some things and promotion are similar. I just love Shanghai once again found his show "China’s Got Talent third season: Black vendetta" from the new vaudeville play, with three points summarized Shanghai Longfeng philosophy:

3. A successful person must have come to see the success in new friends, juggling his performances, small initial weight loss when Pro saw this show really and full of friends, was deeply shocked, especially with live music, and his new vision of the one and only. Then we are back to look at, he is the art origin, although not specifically how long he studied art, but I believe absolutely than he spent more time practicing this new variety, which is more than 5 years. A new combination of juggling the kinematics and mechanics of one of his unique way, because he was born art, has high artistic level and sentiment. To build this stunning visual art form.


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