The website rankings with the website snapshot and independent




On a map:

thunder fans to summarize, for many webmaster to snapshot as a key factor affecting the ranking, in relative terms, if the snapshot can determine the ranking of words, so there won’t be a snapshot of some website stagnation months still have a good ranking, or some of the site snapshot is even also the latest unable to get the ranking. In a word, the author thinks that the website snapshot and website ranking has no direct relationship.


can see the vulnerable index for this keyword floating in the twenty thousand search volume, competition is so big keywords why some snapshots are not new websites can firmly occupy the home? But this is not that website snapshot with the website ranking never mind? So, I think, old and new the level and Website Ranking Ranking and there is no direct relationship between the snapshot in website reflect whether the spider crawling website crawl web content and search engine in order to provide a channel to the user and has fast browsing.

many webmaster every day ask snapshot is obviously the next day, but the site’s ranking is not so awesome, even some webmaster website ranking directly linked with the snapshot. In fact, for the website snapshot, search engine also explained that only a cached page, in order to let users in the website can not be opened or slow, can be a simple browsing through the snapshot. But there is still some owners to snapshot as is the key factor to determine the ranking. In this regard, we talk about the new website snapshot today really affect website ranking.

of course if you look at the example above can not explain the problem completely, so let’s see if the new snapshot will be well below the ranking? Take a snapshot of the website for instance. Figure:

thunderbolt to web site advertising in order to shield many suspects, through the graph we can see the snapshot of this site is the next day, so let’s look at the keywords ranking, such as:

shown above, the site’s ranking is not so good, so that even the latest snapshot of the website, has no direct relationship with the website ranking, but also through the website snapshot does not determine the site’s ranking, believe that many webmaster see some portal first page snapshot is long, but the rankings is still good, this is not the most illustrative

as of January 15th, in addition to other website snapshot love Shanghai video outside are not new, and some are even in more than a week, but the ranking is good, we can look at the key words of the Shanghai love index, as shown in figure



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